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Second Pregnancy Rss

Hi There~
Just found out We are expecting again (17/02/08)
When Did everyone start to show?

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Congrats on the pregnancy, i hope it all goes well for you!! I'm expecting my first in Oct and so far so good. I started to show around 14/15 weeks but gained weight before that though. I'm 22 weeks now and i love looking pregnant. Take care and keep us informed!!

Thank you!wink See I showed at about 17 weeks (I never gained an ounce- it all came after the birth lol guess that was my trade off!)
It is such a wonderful feelin being preg (and looking)!

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everyone is different. Im 14 weeks today. Im starting to show a little now. It also depends on your body shape. Hope you start to show soon.

Im with the other girls i loved being pregnant, DH loves it too. It makes you look and feel more beautiful

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I'm 37 weeks with bub #2 and I started to show straight away with this one, basically from 5 weeks! We had to tell everyone straight away because it was quite obvious. My DD is only 17 months so there wasn't a lot of time for things to get back to normal but with her I didn't show until I was about 71/2 months.
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Hi, congratulations on your pregnancy. I am due with my second on 14/2/08. I didn't start to show with my first until about 16 weeks. I already have a pot now and with my huge appetite for the past few weeks I will probably show more fat the baby early.... LOL

Lucas & Sam''s Mum

Hi - I am 19 weeks now with my second and started to show basically straight away too, my first pregnacy it took longer, suppose things were tighter then!! lol




hi congratulations everyone
im 28 weeks and started to show straight away, my first was only 7 onths when we found out so i guess everything was still stretched and lax.
with my first i started showing around twelve weeks. as i naturally have a "podge" (that little bit that sticks out at the bottom) and i noticed it was slowly getting bigger and harder...

I'm 20 weeks preggers with my second child. I started to really show just in the last month or so. Luckily I still fit into my pants/jeans but have gone up a size or two in shirts/tops/jumpers.

I'm expecting my third on 28/01/08 I'm constantly bloated at the moment so it is hard to know whether I am showing or just full of gas!!! hehehe Mind you same thing happened with the other two and I dont think you could see my tummy yet then!!

Jessie 08/11/04 Jake 28/8/06 Brodie 18/1/08

Yep, im with pigeonpair......i am 5.5 weeks and i already have a baby bump ...sorest BOOBS and my waist and tummy have expanded HEAPS
i am even able to fit into Maternity cargo pants and i am NOT a huge person to start with....i keep saying to hubby "it might be twins"...and that FREAKS him out!!!
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