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circumcision Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Just curious to know how many mums are expecting a boy in 2005 and wishing to have them circumsied? im expecting a lil boy in August and would like to have him done but do not know who does it and where i can get it done. Im from the Wollongong area and would like to know if there is any1 in my area or surrounding area that has had there lil boy done and where?Im abit worried about bringing up the subject when i go for my visits or doctor as i know alot of people do not agree with this being done any more, so if there is any 1 out there that could give me any information about this i would very much appreciate it.


Kelly, NSW due 14/8/05

Hi Kelly,

I am not from Wollongong, but hope I can help!

I am having a baby boy in approx. 3 weeks, and am seeing my GP tomorrow for the referral for bub to have this done on day 8. ( Apparently, their vitamin K levels are at their highest, on the 8th day after birth...and are less likely to feel as much pain). As I am having a c/s, I may possibly be in hospital for 2-4 days afterwards, so I am trying to get it all organised now, or else, only leaves me 4 days to see GP, get referral and book bub in.

This is a personal choice, and you should not feel bad for asking your dr about it.(But I do know what you mean)
(My brother-in-law had this performed after numerous probs, when he was 16...and he swears he would have rathered not remember it at all.)

I also posted in another topic, which I will copy & paste here, regarding my 1st son being circumsized almost 11 years ago now.

All the best with your desicion...would love to hear how u go. smile .Tina

Tina, mum to Jake, Tylah & Jayden smile

Hi all!

Tracey- Hows Conlan doing? Pls let me know how he goes tomorrow!!

Well, my son has arrived & he will be 7 days old when he is circumsized. I called today, we have the consultation tomorrow, and the procedure will be performed on Friday. Im glad, as if he couldnt be done at this early age, I doubt I would have the 'balls' to put him through it at an older age!
Will also let you know how he goes! smile .


Tina, mum to Jake, Tylah & Jayden smile

i got my sons done when they were 7mths and 6mths old. i think it was the best thing to do to prevent any problems in the future, not just for religious reasons.
i just went to a gp in croyden park sydney. it was all over in about 10mins. yes sure it stings when they pee but the next day they were fine. thats what panadol is for! lol.
i find it absolutly amazing how after 10 days its as if nothing ever happened, like they were born that way.
i suppose it has to be an individual decision, but i would have to say it is nicer to look at a circumcised one then looking at one that is not. lol. well thats my opinion grin
if anyone wants to know the name of the doctor just reply and ill let you know.
good luck to everyone who gets their sons done.

Amina, mum of 3 boys 06/03, 03/05, 06/08


i dont regret getting my boys done, and nobody has ever said anything about it either.
dont get upset with people that have anything disparaging, just tell them to 'p*ss off' the nicest possible way of course!! LOL
dont worry about it. you have chosen to do the right thing by your child. and those who havent given their son the chop have chosen to do the right thing by their child.
ever heard the saying.... different strokes for different folks?
i forget to mention something about the de-sensitise thing.... DH said circumsised males last longer during intercourse but i just laughed at him, so i thought i would ask the dr about it and he confirmed it.
so hey why not!.... at least they can spend a little more time on us then hey??? LOL wink
stress less
take care

Amina, mum of 3 boys 06/03, 03/05, 06/08

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