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Cheap maternity clothing alternatives Rss

I don't know about anyone else but I hate the idea of buying expensive "maternity" clothes that will only be worn for a short period of time (although I must admit I bought a pair of Pumpkin Patch maternity jeans as I can't live without jeans!).
So I have started looking at clothes that will suit me during pregnancy but will also be fine to wear once bub is born.
For example, I bought 3 Bonds "tube" tops from Kmart which are ribbed cotton and very long so they fit over the baby bump perfectly. They go back into their original shape after each wash so they will be fine to wear when I'm not pregnant.
I also bought a couple of pairs of trackie pants that have a roll down waist - you can wear them rolled down under the bump or unroll the top and wear over the belly to keep it warm. These were also from Kmart - they have them in Bonds but also in Kmart's own brand (which are a bit cheaper).
I have also found that a stretchy belly band in black goes with everything and allows me to wear my normal tops but keep my bump covered.
Plus I already had several long stretchy singlet tops from Cotton On that I wear under other tops every day.
Does anyone have any other tips for cheap alternatives to maternity clothes?
Im currently TTC. I have bought a few items, mainly tops that are loosish around the bust/chest/arms (to allow growth!! but then have a lot of material around the belly (they're current styles, hope you know what i'm referring too). They look nice as they are - not being preggers but will also fit and look great when i do get preggers and belly starts growing....I bought such items at our local factory outlets i.e portmans, just jeans for bugger all. Its all about shopping around. They dont necessarily have to be labelled "maternity" - and when they are labelled maternity the cost increases about 50%!

I bought a whole load of maternity clothes cheap off e-bay and from Savers op shop. When I am done with them I will just send them back to Savers again for someone else. They aren't the very latest styles, but they seem to be only a year old, so not that bad (no floral tent type things!) and for $6 an item, you can't complain can you! Have a look in the Nappy Bag Book for recycled clothing options round your area.

i searched my local "freecycle" community group here in sydney under the "yahoo groups".....where many people are offering clothes / items that they no longer would like.
i have HEAPS of maternity clothes that cost me $0.00!!!
I'm with Victoria. Go e-bay and trade me!
All expensive laberl maternity clothing that people have only worn for 9 months max!

I too had the same problem..maternity is sooo expensive. I dont normally shop at Supre, but happened to see a top i thought would be good so tried it on and it was perfect!! Can also be worn after bubs as you can belt it in and its very in fashion.. Have since bought a few different style tops and cardigans from there also.. They are cheap and easy when you want/need to spruce up a little more than the trackies!!!!

DS1,5yrs,DS2 2.5yrs..I love my beautiful boys!!

I agree Supre is excellent. I lived in their pants for my first pregnancy as they are all very stretchy and very comfy, not badly priced either. I'm another ebay fan, just got some great Pumpkin patch jeans for pretty much nothing. There are also heaps of great breastfeeding tops on there very cheap as they are sooo pricey to buy in stores.

DD Giarna 25/05/05 DS Cameron 15/01/08

i'd have to agree with a couple of the other girls.. EBAY!!! i found the best ebay shop that you can get the comfyest clothes from and save a fortune.. i bought a long sleeve scoop neck top from there.. put a bid on and got it for $9.99, it retails at $54.95 in the shop.. all products are brand new with tags still attached!!

I brought one of those belly belt kits. Best thing ever, means I can wear my own pants. Got mine from Big W for about $30, for those who don't know it's a little elastic insert you attach to your pants. I also picked up one of those belly band/ tube top things from Target the other day for $20 which is giving me a little more variety in what tops I can wear. I was also lucky enough my sister kept most of her maternity clothing, mainly tops and gave them to me because we are the same size.
this isnt really a shopping tip but so many mums are covering up their bump. i say wear a top that you used to wear and let it become a little midriff!!!
Show off the sexy bellies!
Posted by: emma69
let it become a little midriff!!! Show off the sexy bellies!

Seriously...? In the winter? Too cold for me!
Hi =)

I am currently selling a heap of maternity clothes on ebay at the moment for good price!! some are new with tags!!

check it out here

Mummy to Claire Bear =))

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