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anyone else sick of being pregnant Lock Rss

hi there
i am 20 and have 7 weeks to go and can not wait not to be pregnant anymore i have put on about 15kg and have cravings for food that i wouldnt even think of eating if i wasnt pregnant i feel that everyone is looking at me because i am FAT my bf is getting sick of my complaining and i am to but it is all worth it in the end this is my first bub if anyone else feels the same way pls let me know
i only found out i was pregnant again (3rd time in 3 years) and im over it im only about 9 weeks so ive got awhile to go but i went from preg to breast feeding to preg to breast feed to preg again all in 3 years i think i might be suffering from a little baby blues from not letting my body rest in between but hey ill get to one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
I know this will probably sound odd but before i found out the results of my possible pregnancy i was already over it. I found our the result and i was aprox' three weeks into pregnancy number 2 now and i cant wait to get it out im due 30/6 so end of next week. I have already given bubs the marching orders to get out an i gave them to him( we think its boys) about 6 weeks

Sarah 20 DH 21 J-lee 20mnths an 30/6

Hi Dannii

Im 8wks left to go and yes I too have had enough. Please dont be offended but it makes me laugh that you are 20 with 1st bubs complaining about being fat and eating food you just wouldn't lol Im 32 got three other kids to run around after have put on 23kgs since pre preggy and placenta praevia so my tummy while huge is basically hanging right down and has for months that it feels like bubs is gona drop out at any given moment........What I am saying luv is that there is always someone worse off than you so chin up and picture my belly to my knees running round the house after three kids.. You have so much to be grateful for too. Keep smiling..
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Im totally over being pregnant im 19 and this is mine and my partners first child im due in 6 days and i just want to rip my baby our of me im so fat its not funny.


Well after losing a baby I said I would never complain of being pregnant. I got myself in this situation and would go through anything to have my baby. With DD I was 2 weeks overdue and could've probably gone longer, not once did I complain.

But now... with this second one overdue again, I can now say that I am over being overdue!! Am now trying everything to go into labour, but will probably end up being induced again.

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

Nope not over it, i love being pregnant. i am 28 weeks with baby no6! i have an 11 9 3 2 and 8 month old and i love it all. I am lucky caus ei don't get sick, no stretchies and breeze thru pretty well, my babies are an average of 6 pd so a nice size. This is my last baby so am really enjoying everything plus i have always gone between 38 and 39 weeks, so i guess i don't really have time to be over it..
I think its worse after i have the baby, the bleeding, feeling fatter cause there is no excuse any more, the milk coming in , sore boobs, ( ibottle feed, so my milk has to dry up on its own) the wearing of breast pads, i don't like the 2 months or so afterwards that comes with having the baby, but I love having the baby around to snuggle....
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