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Feeling uncomfortable Lock Rss

Hello Everyone
Just seeking a bit of advice if anyone could help it'll be great.

I'm now 28 weeks pregnant.
My belly is 98cm
My fundal is 32
I'm very short & petite.
It feels as though my skin is going to rip open soon it's so tight.
I'm finding it hard to breathe a greater majority of the time and my ribs feel bruised.
Now to top it all off I'm getting heart burn pretty bad and I can't fall to sleep until about 2 in the morning.
I rub vitamin E cream into my belly and I have tried Mylanta, Rennie & Quickease but none of them seemed to help.
Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to ease all of these or even to help myself relax a little better as I'm irritable all the time and I'm starting to snap at my partner.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Rach smile

I found the only thing that got rid of my heartburn was a glass of cold milk. If you don't like plain milk (I don't) quick or other flavouring is great smile

The trouble you are having breathing will probably not pass until bubs drops. At night prop yourself up on pillows so you are almost in a sitting position. It takes a few nights to adjust, but I found this helped my heartburn and breathing problems. After about 30 weeks I actually started to snore! (hubby took great delight in teasing me)

In all honestly, I doubt there is anyone out there who didn't become snappy at their partner by this stage. I think it's just natures way of balancing it out. We suffer the physical effects, so we make them suffer as well smile

Good way to relax....hmmmm....tell yourself that you have already made it through 28 weeks, and you are on the home stretch. When bubs drops you will feel soooo much better!

Spoil yourself at least 1 day a week. Be lazy, eat what you want and do NOTHING that resembles work. You won't get much of a chance when bub arrives, so take time for yourself now.

If you are feeling generous, make hubby a special dinner to make up for all the snaps smile


i have a similar problem. I am 19 this is my first pregnancy and i am only 5 months but my "bump" has gotten rather large in the last 2 weeks, i don't think i can take any more stretching( it feels like i will explode).My sister is due to have her baby any day now and i am almost as big as her... eating for me is becoming rather painful if not during shortly after, i have no remedies for you just too let you know i have a similar problem. good luck kandi.
Hi RachB!

Check out the "small mums with big babies" forum - there may be some helpful advice from the mums on there about being little but also being huge at the same time.

I was v/big with my first baby and looked like I was carrying twins. I was showing from 10weeks and ended up with an emergency c-section cos he was too big for my 4ft 11in frame. Bubs was healthy @ 7lb 15oz and 52cm tall. Head circ of 36cm no way was he coming out of me!

I had terrible indigestion with him & sorry to say, nothing helped, I couldn't eat or drink anything without getting it. Big sympathies to you!!!!! Especially as now that I'm 23wks with my 2nd I have just started getting it again & can't lay down for hours after eating.

Palmers cocoa butter have many stretch mark creams but they also have an oil for itchy skin (avail from chemist) and for afterwards they have a scar serum which is supposed to reduced stretch marks visibilty by heaps. Check them out!

CJ, SJ 3/03, AJ 11/05, PJ 4/08

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