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  5. anyone know how to make your baby arrive earlier than due date?

anyone know how to make your baby arrive earlier than due date? Lock Rss

as my subject says it... is there any tips that i can make my baby arrive earlier? i asked my doctor to give me an induction a week before im due but he said he wont unless im 10 days overdue. My husband have to go oversea on my due date for an important conference and i want him to be part of the arrival of our first baby. would carrying heavy things and exercising alot help?? pls. giv tips. thanks
From what i have heard sex actually helps bring them on ... not sure if it is true but my sister in law just had her first son and he was 2 weeks early due to the fact just before the time of labor herself and her husband were having sex, the baby also came out with a small bruise on the back of his neck and the doctor said that that is what caused the early labor and bruise.
With DD I tried everything to not be induced 12 days over. No matter what I did she wasn't going to budge because she was a big bub with a big head and wouldn't drop. You can try though, things like taking Raspberry Leaf Tea tablets, a lot of walking, a lot of sex, nipple stimulation. I'm sure if you do a search on the net you could find more suggestions. All the best.

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07


Sorry but unless your bub is ready to meet you- nothing is going to bring on labour- even when induced they like you to show signs of readiness. Sex, nipple stimulation, castor oil, long walks, raspberry leaf tea etc- none of these is going to help make you go into labour.

I am sorry to hear that your husband is going overseas and may miss the birth- but lifting heavy things is only likely to hurt your muscles and joints esp your back and exercising a lot is only likely to exhauste you.

Depending how long your husband is away for- he may be back in time for bubs delivery- you may go over by quite a bit- who knows. In the meantime rather than trying to find ways of rushing your bub into this world I would start looking for some support people for the labour room and a person to operate a camera while you are in labour- that way you can record the event for your husband if he cannot be there. Not as good as th real thing but better than nothing.

Take Care
I tend to agree that nothing really works, but no harm in trying... at least with the sex, maybe not the castor oil! yuck!
I don't think anything works either, but in saying that all mine have come at 38-39 weeks and i haven't done anything differetn.
I am just surprised that they won't induce you, if your partner is not even going to be in thcountry around the birth!! i was sure some people have been able to be induced for these reasons...

With my DS I was on a dead line - we were moving back to Brisbane and booked to fly 12 days after my EDD. My Dr also told me that by hospital procedure they do not induce until 40+10. Only time they induce before this is for medical reasons.

I started doing my homework and read up heaps on 'natural' induction and asked my midwives at each visit (each one had a different suggestion). I ended up have acupuncture from 36 or 37 weeks - the stepped it up at 38 weeks as you are classed as 'full term' then. I also took raspberry leaf tea for the whole final trimester but I think this is supposed to help with the labour rather than getting things started. I told my acupuncturist that we had a dead line to meet - he told me that he would do what he could, but if bubs isn't ready nothing will make them arrive other than a c-section!

I guess you can only do what you can to try and get things started and hope for the best - my EDD was in summer so I also swam every day and went for long walks on the weekends with DP - I tried to stay as active as I could. We were lucky as DS arrived 4 days before our EDD so we had 2 weeks to get use to parenthood and finish packing.

Good luck - there are a lot of different ideas for natural induction - no of them are recommended before 38 weeks normally. Reflexology is another one that comes highly recommended by research.

Hope this helps...

I would love for bubs number to due next saturday to come early, as my first i went 13 days post dates an had a fairly traumatic delivary of DD.

I was told off a complete stranger that i should go home an have sex as the sperm is not harmful in anyway an apparently a good lubricant ( or so she said) for the bubs although i have heard that having sex helps soften the cervix, an my midwife told me when i was overdue with my DD to go home have sex an the baby will come the next day. So im defianlty considering i really dont want to go over again.

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thanks all ^^
Im being VERY positive and praying that my baby girl will arrive b4 daddy goes away. thanks so much for the tips too. im goin to try them and hope for the best !!^^
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