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First time Lock Rss

Hi my name is Katie and I am 24yo. I live in QLD with my husband and all my animals - dog, cats & horses. We have been trying for a bub for almost 2 years then out of the blue it happened. I am almost 18 weeks pregnant and couldn't be happier. I had 2 weeks of afternoon sickness in the early stages but other than that, been feeling great. I usually get tired at the end of the day, as I work fulltime and am out of bed at 5am, I guess one must expect as much. Hubby has been great helping around the house and cooking the odd meal, gives me lots of back rubs which helps heaps.

I would love to hear from other mums/mums-to-be to see how they are progressing with pregnancy and being a mum.

Katie, QLD

Hey Katie,
My names Bek. Im 17 and 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I live in Sa with my partner Peter (Pup), who too has been great. THis is our first baby, adn an unexpected one at that. But we are coping. I had morning sickness for the firt 3 and 1/2 months, 22 hrs a day. so i had to stop going to school, as i was throwing up every hour. i still get it occasionally now, but not as bad. Pup has been great he too gives me back rubs, helps cook, and he hates cooking, does the washign if i need him too and he works from 7 30 am till 4 pm at sa water as an electrician which is demading. But i would love to chat to you. if u have msn u can add me mines [email protected] or email me at [email protected] (thats also my yahoo chat id)

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

Hi Bek, I just sent to you an email via your yahoo address. I am glad to hear that you are starting to feel a little better.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Katie, QLD

hey, iv replied to ur mail adn tried sending it but it says that ur address isnt valid. so could u plz send me ur email address and ill try again.

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

hi bek and katie,
i am a first time mum-to-be expecting a baby girl in about 9 weeks. i am 20 years old and engaged,
i live in SA, tell me about yourselves, how are you guys feeling? are you excited?
please email me at:- [email protected]
looking forward to chatting
take care

sharon, 20, SA

HEy, im feeling better now then what i was to begin with. Im nervous about labour, and iv decided i want bubs early rather then late, but i doubt that will happen. 9 weeks that isnt long, are you scared?

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

Hi, I too am a first time mum, my time is approaching I trully wish it was here already just over a week to go but feels like I'm waiting an enternity. I'd love to hear from other mums due soon also.

Claudia, Vic (Bella 2 and Billy8mths

hi my name is johanne and i am first time mum to i am 26 and i love been a mum so do you know what are you haveing let . I did't know what i was haveing but we pick a boy name but not a girl so next time round i hope to get a girl so where are you going to have it where do you come from well i from brisbane and i got two step children one is eight and one is ten and they are boys thats why i want a girl next time round in abot two years time .. i hope is a girl well i like to go shopping and go out with anther mum shopping chat over a coffee any time I been with my man for 4 years in AUG onthe 29 How old are you tell me about your self if you like to ssend me a email any time is [email protected] I am on it everyday good with every thing with your labour do,t strees at all well better go now if there any mums love to talk to me just email me any time I don;t work at all i just be a mum full time so I got time to talk to any mum at all .......22 july 2003 I hope her from you soon..

[email protected] plainland qld

hi my name is Jodie, i live in new zealand and this is my first baby. I'm 21 and my partner is 22. He already has twins and has already told me he didn't want any more kids. I found out 4 days ago that i was pregnant and i am 6 weeks. He didn't talk to me for 2 days and said to me that he wanted me to get rid of it, but that goes aganist everything i beleive in. My family is really happy for me but my parnter doesn't want his side to know anything about it. What do you think i should do? I would love to hear your comments.


I think that you should keep it. and that im sorry to say but your partner is being selfish. You ahve a right to have a baby. And if he knows your views on abortion then he should never have asked you. My advice is keep it. And raise this baby if he doesnt like it as hard as it would be id personally would have to say goodbye. And i would tell his family even though he doesnt want them knowing. Its their grandchild and they have a right to know. If hes leaves you over it then sorry hon but he wasnt worth it in the first place.

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

Hi Jodie, I am sorry to hear that you are going through a horrible time. In my opinion you should go with what feels right for you. My best friend had a termination at the insistence of a boyfriend and now she can not have children as a result of complications. Not only does she live with this she also feels guilty for taking her baby's life, it is horrible to see her going through this especially when I have little one of my own. If you have the support of your family and you really want to have this child then go for it, who knows he may come round and if he doesn't then not only has he lost a girlfriend but he has lost a wonderful opportunity to get to know his child. As for not telling his side of family, they have a right to know. This time I am speaking from my own experience. My mum was young when she had me and my birth father wanted nothing to do with me (his loss and my Dad's gain (mum married a wonderful man who accepts me as his own) he also did not want his family to know. Any how 4 years ago they found out and are still upset that they missed 23 years of my life and getting to know their grand-daughter. I still have nothing to do with my birth father. Any way as I said at the beginning only you know what is right and what you can handle, don’t let any one else make the decision for you. I will keep you and your family in my prays. All the best Jodi.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

You poor thing, you really have my sympathy. He is being quite selfish and not considering your feelings, Whether you keep it or not is completely your decision you're the one that is carrying the baby. If you did get rid of it for your partner you may find you'll resent him at a later stage. No one deserves to go through what you're going through surely he needs to realise that the worl does not revolve solely around him. Good Luck my thoughts are with you.

Claudia, Vic (Bella 2 and Billy8mths

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