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baby shower games? Lock Rss

Hi...we are having a mixed baby shower next week, a BBQ with mine and b/f's friends and family. The theme is "its a boy" and there are about 40 people coming. Just wanting your ideas on games for the girls, the guys will be playing pool and poker and cooking for us ladies smile

*it's a boy!!*

I'm trying to think of things too and i have found a few games.

Guess the celeb- get preg pics of celebs and fold their heads back and guess who they are.

Nappy folding contests

Name scrambles with words like nappy, baby, feeding etc

Belly guess- You pass wool around and everyone has to cut a piece to fit around the pregnant woman. Whoever is closest gets a prize.

Nursery rhymes, you type up all the oldies and leave a few blanks. The person who gets the most right wins.

Nappy hanging contest, two people hold a piece of string (it has to be sort of long) and then each person has a chance to be blinfolded and given some peices of material (they have to be folded in squares) and some clothes pins and then they have to see how many "nappies" they can hang on the clothesline in a given amount of time.

Pair The Socks, everyone brings a pair of baby socks. Then they all get separated and put in a bowl. You get 30 seconds to pair as many as you can.

Dont Say Baby, everyone gets a paper necklace at the start of the day. And if you catch someone saying baby you take their necklace and any that they have gathered also. At the end of the shower the person with the most wins.

Whats in the Bag? you have a baby bag that is full of everything you need for a baby. Nappies, wipes, dummies, clothes, bottles etc. Basically fill like your taking a day out with baby. Then pull everything out. Guests have 1 minute to try and remember everything thats there. Then put it all back in the bag and you have 30 seconds to write as much as you can remember. Guest with the most correct wins. The bag goes to the mummy to be.

Whats That Smell, get a bunch of nappies and you melt some chocolate bars. Then smush one in each nappy. Everyone has to guess what it is in the nappy by sight. The guest with the most right wins

Baby Crossword, make up a cross word with baby things in it and things about the mummy to be! Person who finishes fastest wins.

Hope this helps. Good luck xx

I only had 3 games at my shower and it was the "guess the belly size" one and "don't say baby" game. I also had a quiz which would be more fun with the male guests included. You basically print off 20 questions about you and your BF, q's like Where did you both meet? When is baby due? What hospital are you having him? How old are you both? etc.

I also had cards for the guests to fill in that started off with "My advice for you at this special time would be..." and they would give you parent/baby advice. Makes a good keepsake.

HTH and have fun! smile

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

Did you have to ask to get the guys to be involoved?
Or is that just how it happened?
I think it's a great idea!

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My friend did a game where she filled a few baby bottles with OJ and gave a prize for the person who could finish their bottle fastest - it is really hard, babies must have some secret technique!

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