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Big belly Big Baby??? Lock Rss

hi... im 31 weeks pregnant and everyone tells me that i am very big and looks like it'll be a big baby, im very worried... has anyone been told that they are very big but baby was born normal size?
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The size of your belly isn't always a good way of telling the size of your baby. With DS I was fairly small (the neighbour I met the day i went into labour didn't even realise I was pregnant) and he was a very average bub of 7lb 2oz.

A family friend of ours has been absolutely huge with both her babies... to the point she had to get clothes made because you could not get maternity clothes big enough to fit her. Both of her girls were 6lb. It was all amniotic fluid and placenta that made her look so big.

Don't panic too much. It will all be fine, I'm sure.

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

No, I wouldn't go by the size of your belly, this could also mean you have a lot of amniotic fluid.

I have a photo of myself and a friend towards the end of pregnancy, she was 1 month further than me. She was also looking much bigger! At the end I gave birth to a 4.1kg girl and she had a 2.9kg boy.

HTH smile

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

I was the opposite. Everyone sad how tiny my belly was and that I was all belly.
Also my fundal measurements were always measuring behind so everyone said I would have a small baby.
Ha! DD was 8lb 7oz.

Everyone told me my stomach was huge with my 1st and I would be having a huge baby. He was 2.9kg! Sometimes they just like to sit out in front!
My girlfriend had a baby this morning and never looked big. She was 9 days overdue and her DD weighed in at 8p 5oz.
It is hard to tell how big they will be, even with an ultrasound, so I have been told.
Good luck.
No I don't think big belly means big baby. I measured 45cms before my due date and DS was 7lbs 10 but I had alot of fluid that is why I was so big. Good luck!
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I agree with the other posters. I was a small build with a huge belly - my boss said I looked like a piece of string with a knot in it lol.
Everyone said my bubs would be big, or that I would not reach 40 weeks.
But I did, and bubs was 6lb90z.
I was like DanniL. But my Gyneo told me my baby DD#1 was going to be 10lbs at birth. And I was only 6months then. Well my labour was 4hrs and she was 6lbs 11.
My G/f has had 2 extremely large bellies and have had babies ds (4wks early)6lbs 8. and her DD 8lbs.
It is not how big your baby is that hurts it is the size of their head as it is generally the 1st and hardest part to get out. My DD#4 was 6lbs 1/2oz but her head was larger then the others so she hurt a little when pushing out.

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