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17 Years Old & Identical Twins on the Way Lock Rss

Today i went for my very first scan to see how many weeks pregnant i was. I had only found out i was pregnant 2 weeks before, so this was all a pretty big shock. I got an even bigger shock when the doctor doing my ultra-sound told me there were two!!! I dont think anything beats the feeling of pride, joy, and happiness though, no matter how old or young you are, when you see 2 tiny little hearts beating across the screen.Then seeing my boyfriend of 2years, break down and cry, in happiness, something hes never done before. Even now, six hours later, i cant get over the fact there are two little people inside me, its amazing. And i cant believe there are two!!! 17 is already young to have a child, but two at the same time!!! its incredible

Sara, NZ, twins due feb

Hi Sara,

Congrats on your twin bundles of joy!

Although 17 is young to be having a baby, my 16 year old cousin had a son almost a year ago, and she handles motherhood a lot better than some of the 20 somethings I know.

From reading your post though you sound so excited and accepting of your situation, and you seem to have a very supportive partner. It's a huge thing to go through, no matter what your age, but like everything, it's what you make it. Life is like a box of chocolates and all that smile

I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world. Don't let ANYONE put you down for being a young mum to be.

Take care of yourself and those two little miracles.

Hi Sara smile .

Congratulations!! My brothers g/f was 17 when she had their twin girls, (who are almost 3!) and I must admit...I think she coped better than I did with 1, at 17!!

The girls are so loved, and their mum & dad (who have been together since their mum was 14!) are still so in love..(they have their ups n downs, but who of us doesn't, at any age!) and their mum is so full of fun, for them!

I wish you all the best for your pregnancy, and would love to hear how you are doing!! smile

Tina smile

Tina, mum to Jake, Tylah & Jayden smile

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