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When did you first feel your Bubs move Lock Rss

Hi All,

I've been patiently (or not) waiting to feel my little bubs since the second I was 16 weeks, now at 18 1/2 weeks I'm still waiting. I know some people don't feel much but I so much want to feel him/her.

This is my first bubs and I don't even know what I'm gonna feel. I feel a slight vibration some times, very slight- Is that bubs??

Look forward to any stories you have.
certainly sounds like bubs, my kids never start off whacking me, nor do i ever get the butterfly sensation people talk about, i can get bubbles but not much else, My first baby moved at 14 weeks exactly, but he rolled all over the place somersaults and my belly was moving so everyone could see, The other 5 kids including the baby i am pregnant with now (no6) i have not felt any movements until at least week 24!!!! and even now i only get light taps and things never big strong movements.i think within the month you will feel your baby more, iknow people say that "normal is 22 weeks plus before you feel the baby, but it is differetnto everyone, i would say the vibrations are your first sensations of the baby moveing..
i felt my baby at around 19 weeks but very faint before the 19weeks i felt like little bubbles which i thought was AIR.. im 32 weeks pregnant and she wacks me so hard and it actually stops me in my tracks.
everyone says hwne its your first your unsure if your baby kicks or moves.and i do believe that.
lay on your back in a quite room and touch your belly and you may feel the baby then.
hope you feel baby soon



My bubba moved at 16 weeks 1 day. Then didn't feel it again for another week! Kind of felt like a spider crawling on my skin... tickly sort of.
Now I am coming up 22 weeks and I have had my first few proper taps.
I think it is completely different for everyone.
It is cool when it finally happens though!

xx Jo

I am 25weeks and I didn't feel it move till i was about 20weeks and even now sometimes i doubt myself. My husband still can't feel it which is frustrating because all the books say he should easily by now... but you will feel it soon!!!

Although I have been feeling it for 5-6 weeks hubby has only felt it twice. He puts his hand on my tummy when I am sleeping and that's when he feels the wriggles.

It is so good to know that lots of people wait longer, All the books I read say between 16-20 weeks, so I thought average would be 18. but I will just keep waiting, knowing it will be soon, and atleast I can also look forward to my scan next friday, and seeing the movement! My mum commented to me that all of her babies were quiet still and she didn't feel much through her 4 pregnancys.
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i felt my fiurst bub at about 16 weks but i didnt know it. it was like a pop in my tummy. i aske dmum later and she said oh maybe then when i knew it wa sbub later i remebr that feeling and i am almost certain ti was.
i felt second bub bout 14 weeks and it was a similar thing. i never understood the butterflies feeling that everyone wa stalking about.
This baby ifeklt at 10 weeks. no joke. i wa slaying on my back 9 always makes bub move more0 and i felt like a swish movement. My frined described it perfectly/. Like when u move ur han dunder water and the feeling of the wtaer swishing past ur leg or whatevere, thats what it fel like low in my tummy. I felt it often too. Now i am 28 weeks and i can feel feet sticking out lol

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07


I felt my bubby move at around 14 weeks, although sometimes I couldn't tell wether it was bubs or wind passing through me. (I usually got my answer if I.. erm.. farted *ahem*)

My boyfriend felt him move once when I was about 21 weeks then didn't feel him again until about 4 weeks later..

A couple weeks ago when my boyfriend sat next to me on this two seated stool, the stool moved and the leg scraped across the floor making a high pitched screeching noise and I swear I felt bubby jump!

I'm 31 weeks now and he is so active it seems like he's beating me up from the inside sometimes.


Thanks, I might suggest that to him tonight!!!
I think it may also be a little bit of him not feeling confident enought to say he felt it though...because thay are getting pretty hard now and i can feel them on the outside?
Hi there, i felt bubs move in both pregnancies at 17 weeks, it wasnt til around 20-22 weeks that dp could start to feel them though.

Yvonne, Sadie 31/10/05 Jorjah 08/07/07

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