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Hi everyone,

Im due with bub #2 in a couple of weeks and im really interested in everyones history if there babies arrived early or overdue.

My #1 i went into be induced at 10days over, im really hopeing to go into labour naturally this time, so fingers crossed that bubs in on time.

My sister just had her 1st bub 3wks early!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

Hey Nicole,

I was induced with AMy, 5 days over and like you I am waiting but as I have to have a csect am booked in for the 20th....

Hope you are well and thatBub #2 is behaving inside of you


Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

Hi Nicole,

Both my babies were born around 39-40 weeks. Not sure which in either case because in both cases I had two different dates a week apart from each other. (See my post re: Ultrasound dates or LMP dates, which are more accurate?) I am due to have my 3rd in 4-5 weeks and am wondering whats going to happen this time. I just can't shake this feeling of going early this time. Have never felt like this during previous pregnancies. Your sister is lucky to go 3 weeks early, I would be happy with that, bubs should be good size and healthy by that stage.

Good luck this time, not long to go now!!
P.S My first borns name is Jesse, don't come across it very often!!

Thanks Jilly and michelle for your replies.

My sister was lucky to go 3wks early and a lady i worked with has also gone 3wks early and she was due a day after me!! Only 16 days to go and counting!!!

Would love to hear more stories so keep them coming.

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

had ds 7 days before my due date and dd 10 dys before due date. Am due with #3 2/9 so wonder when this one will come.

im currently about 10 weeks pregnant with my second.. my first came 8 weeks early have no idea... so im hoping this one can go just 4 more weeks more at least...

so far i have a pattern
ds 39 WEEKS
dd 38 WEEKS
DUE sept 20th, so if sticking to my plan i am due for a 38 weeker again.
Always Awake - you are a champion, and my hero!!!!

#1 5 days early
#2 10 days early
#3 2 days early
#4 ?????? (EDD 20/10/2007)

My hubby works away, so I'm hopeful it won't arrive before he can make it.


my first came exactly a week early she was due the 14/5 and came the 7/5. im preg with second due on 10/9 and hoping it too will want to come early as im over it already...

Scarlet, you're not far behind me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DS was 9 day early, im due on 21 oct so im hoping for about the same.

wow... so there are babies who arrive earlier than due date! cool~ is it normally girls that arrive early? coz i heard that baby boys are the ones who arrives late..?
im hoping that my baby arrives a week earlier ^^
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