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First time mums Lock Rss

Hi there
I'm a 17 yr old who's pregnant with my first baby.I'm 7 months pregnant and due on the 11th of October. I'm having a boy.Everything is going well but I'm starting to panic about the birth as it is just around the corner.If theres any mums out there that have experience please reply as it would be greatful.

Robinya,WA,7 months pregnant

just relax................and remember all the women that give birth everyday! and when you go in, trust the staff, they are professionals and thas is what they do, day in day out.
it is scary, whether it be your 1st or 4th, the fear never goes away, but when you finally hold or see that bub euphoria kicks in.....and you really do forget parts of the labour, until your try remember them.
you will be fine...( i was 19 when i had my first, and on my own too....and i survived!)
Hi there my name is Stacey I am almost 17 and having my first baby whom is due on October 13. I am having a baby girl. If you are interested in chatting and you have msn or an email address add me.... [email protected]

From Stacey

Stacey,NZ, Jessica bd 13/10/05

hi, Im 34 and this is our first child after 3 years of trying, im 20 weeks going for my ultrasound tomorrow. We know that we are having a girl as we had chromosome testing at our NT scan(not by our choose). We are really excited. But it hasn't quite hit home yet mentally and physically i feel that i am just getting fat. I have had no morning sickness, nothing at all. i love the ultrasounds as it is like a realilty check (YES I AM PREGNANT). fingers crossed for tomorrow cannot wait to see and hold my little girl.

Michelle NSW


my ultrasound went well alls ok, but i won't be 100% till i hold her in my arms. She was a bit naughty and was lying face down for the whole scan so her profile picture is upside down.


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