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Hi Everyone,

Am expecting twins, and have been on a search for a good twin pram.. Was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions or feedbacks on their recommendation for buying a twin pram. Have had a look at the mountain buggy but i dont quite like the style. I havent seemed to like any of the styles that are on the market at the moment. However, i do like the first wheels pram for twins, which they only seem to sell in the UK. So would have to get it shipped out here if i go ahead with that one. Does anyone know if the first wheels pram is a gd buy and safe or if they have any suggestions on any other gd twin prams. Price is not a factor. Cant wait to hear from you all ...
[Edited on 15/07/2007]
Hi, I love my Phil & Ted. It is the twin pram so the bubs sit side by side but its similar to the mountain buggy so you would probably not like the look of it. Before you buy from the UK just be sure to check their safety Standards against Australia's. Good luck with the search and your two bubs.

Amanda NSW

I just googled them to see what they look like. I can't see the difference between it and the Mountain Buggy - but that's not why I'm posting.

If you have a look at their website -

On the bottom left they have a like to "Where can I buy" or something like that. You can select Australia as the country then do the city dropdown list and you'll probably find one nere you.

The Keperra one in Brisbane is a Babies Galore and I think they are Australia-wide aren't they?

Anyway, good luck with your searching! Hopefully you'll find a shop near you that you can check it out at before buying.
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