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Any ideas what might be happening? Lock Rss

I am now 38 weeks pregnant and last week I had a really sweet smelling discharge (like I wet myself but crystal clear fluid) so off I went to the hospital and they said it wasn't my membranes leaking. I have had this everyday since and I know I haven't been wetting myself. I have started vaginally using evening primrose oil at night too. Today I am feeling exhausted (just want to sleep) and keep having tighening of my tummy but it makes my chest feel very light. Is this braxton hicks or what? I never had any of this with my daughter.

I am due to be induced on Wednesday as I had an emergency c/section with my daughter after 16 hours.

Can anyone shed any light on what might be happening?

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It sounds like some Braxton Hicks. It's quite common apparently to leak amniotic fluid a bit, especially in the last weeks. I think if there are great gushes that you should call the hospital. You could be very close - if in doubt, call the hospital.
Maybe wear a sanitary pad so you can catch the discharge and show them at the hospital.
I am very interested to hear how your birth goes as I too had an emergency c-section after almost 24 hours of labour with my first and am also 38 weeks pregnant (you would've had your baby by now though).

If you could give me a bit of info so I could be prepared etc that would be wonderful. You can email me at [email protected]
I hope everything went well with the birth.

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