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the "show" Lock Rss

Im not sure if this has already been posted or not but i was wondering....
im 38+5 weeks pregnant and this morning i had a show. i was just wondering how long do your contractions usually start after the show has appeared? a couple of hours, or a couple of days? iv been frantically cleaning and packing my bags just incase..
thanks, amanda.

With my first I had a show at 3.30pm in the afternoon then I had my son at 5.30pm in the morning. With my second I had a show the night before I had my daughter.

Hope everything goes well

Hi guys,

Thanks for bringing this topic up. Amanda, I hope youve had bubs now.
Im going to ask something quite grosse, but its been bugging me this morning and would like a bit of clarification..
early this morning, I went to the loo to find a big glub of clear mucus - could this be "The Show"? I have been reading up, but it sounds as though it should be pinkish in colour, which it wasnt. Yes, I know its not a pleasant topic, but I guess some of the things we have to go through being pregnant arent that pleasant to talk about are they. My due date is this wednesday, but ive been having very strong BH's over the weekend, and was wondering if this was the next sign that bubs may be on its way. Any comments would be appreciated. THis is my second child..but my last one was induced, so I never had this experience with my first.
Good luck to you all.


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