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I just found out today I am expecting twins in March08. When I had my scan today both of them had heartbeats however the doctor is expressing concern as one of them is a week behind the other in size. Has anyone else had this experience and still gone on to have both children.



SO how far along are you now?? I hope everything will be never know they may catch up to each other later on, if their heartbeats are healthy it's a good sign.

Thanks for replying I am only 7 weeks and 1 day so far.


Hi Carolyn

Im am currently 35 weeks preg with twins. My earlier scan they were only a day apart. However there have been times in my pregnancy that they were a little over a week apart. I have been told that up to 2 weeks or so there is nothing to worry about. It is my understanding that if they are fraternal twins you ovulate twice and can be sometime apart so I would think that there is nothing to worry about. I just suggest getting as much rest as you can. Not easy for me as I already have 3 children the youngest being 3 and doesn't like to rest that much lol.

Congrats on your pregnancy. Oh I remember when I had my first scan and finding out at about 8 weeks, all I could say was OH MY GOD LOL. I wish you the very best for the pregnancy, Enjoy, its so exciting seeing the babies moving around later in your pregnancy.

Congrats again and good luck.

Is it ever exciting..especially when you have two kicking and wriggling inside you, feel like they really wanna get out! LOL..but seeing two on the screen is really awesome. And when the doctor puts his doppler thing on them to hear their heartbeats it sounds really cool.... I found out at 8 weeks and was pretty shocked, but i'm back down to earth now and just waiting for them to

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Hi Carolyn

Congratulations on your twin pregnancy!!!!!

I have 13mth old ID twin boys.

Feel free to pm me if u have any questions

Good Luck with everything


Xavier & Zion 21/6/06 & Levi 5/5/08

Hi Carolyn
I found out I was having twins at the 9 week scan & one was alot smaller than the other and the dr also said that it could be up to a week younger. I should have been a bit suss when she said that she needs to keep a close eye on it coz at the 12 week scan it showed that the smaller one stopped developing at 10 weeks. I had no idea anything was wrong because I didn't have any pains or bleeding.
Best of luck to you and I hope all goes well with your bubs though.


Hi Everyone

Thank you for all your replies.

I had another scan today and they had both grown and there were still 2 heartbeats. The OB said that the smaller one could still absorb into my body however and we will just have to see at the next scan which isn't until the 20th of August. I have to try not to go nuts worrying about it until then but he said there is nothing that can be done for now. He did say that if it had got this far it was a good thing and not to lose hope just yet.

Thank you again for your replies and support


Thats it, keep positive...if you stress it takes a toll on your body and makes it harder for babies. Try to keep relaxed and it will help.
Hi ladies,
I just found this thread.
I'm currently 11 weeks preg with twins. I found out at 7wks and I still haven't really come to terms with it but getting there slowly.
Just wanted to ask, I've only gained a kilo so far but the babies seemed to have pushed my insides up into my chest making sitting, bending etc really hard. Is this normal?? So can't hind the pregnancy now either.
Thanks ladies

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08 your fun is still to i'm currently just over 29 weeks with twins..if ya wanna chat just message me.
Thanks for that. At 29 weeks are u huge or just about normal size? I'm really freaking out at the thought of turing into a beached whale so to speak!

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

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