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Freaked out! Lock Rss

Hi everyone! I am 23 weeks pregnant and all is going well. Just wondering if its completely normal to be terrified about becoming a Mum. My pregnancy wasn't planned but we decided that we would go for it once the shock disappeared. My partner and I have tons of support and I realise I am very very lucky in that respect, but sometimes I just find myself completely panicking over what is happening and whether I will cope and how much life will change. Does anyone else feel like this every so often. It seems like such a huge responsibilty. I never worried about this before I got pregnant - guess its the sudden realisation that its actually going to happen!!

Also its great reading up on other peoples experiences here. Good luck to everyone!

Claire, NZ, Due May 2004

I think we were all a bit scared at one point or another being pregnant but it sounds as if you have a good partner & family so u are really lucky.
Just take one day at a time.Life will change but once it does you won't want to change it for the world TRUST ME. So relax while you can cause once bubby comes along you will be busy.
Hope I helped a little & good luck with the rest of your pregancy.

Hi Claire,

Yes you are completely normal. I think every woman becomes terrified at some point in their pregnancy. I found out I was having twins at 7 weeks - not terrified then. Found out about all the complications with having twins - not terrified then. I actually became terrified at my last ultrasound before the birth. I was about 35 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound showed that one of the twins was at least 7lb - I almost fell off the table. The reality of what I was about to do really hit me. You would actually think that I should have been terrified in the beginning. We welcomed two very healthy boys in August 2003 and my life has never been better. Yes it is hard, yes you will need support and yes it will be the best thing you have ever done in your entire life. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

hey claire,
its normal...i was in the same situation that u were in but i was 26 weeks peg, and i wasnt ready to have bubs was totaly confused what i was going to do, eg c/s or natural if i had the choice and my hubby laughed at me and said dont stress u have a while to go lol and that night i had her by emeragcy c/s.... now i was even more scared i felt i went into shocked, i cried 2 mins before i went into threater with her as they told me i have 10 mins to get ready no warning just get ready, i cried and went into shock i wasnt ready, i hadnt done my pre natal claire my advise prepare ur self...
btw shes good now....check out my forum : premmie baby 14 weeks early

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi Claire, it's probably a good thing that you are "freaking out" , my pregnancy was planned and I really thought I was prepared for motherhood but I think my expectations were too high so when the time finally came, it was a huge shock to the system. That's not to say I didn't love my baby the minute I saw his beautiful face, I just didn't realise just what a huge difference it would make to my life. So if you are feeling this way then you will probably find it's not as bad as you thought it would be but either way I assure you, for every hard time there are a dozen wonderful times that make it all so rewarding.
Thanks so much everyone for the wonderful advice! I think whenever I feel that doubt slipping back I will jump on and read your replies!! smile

Claire, NZ, Due May 2004

Hey claire
I was freaking out too at the begining of the 3rd trimester, coz i knew it was getting close. I had good support from my partner so it all went well in the end. My daughter is now 13days old and i wouldn't change it for the world. Everything just seems to work out once they are born. Good luck with everything.

WA Sasha 6/1/04

dont worry yourself
you wouldnt beleive what i was like are you scared about being a mum or the labour?
i was shaking uncontrollably throughout my labour i couldnt walk i had to go in a wheel chair becaus i was so scared of the pain especially when my waters broke i could move (except for the shakes) but it isnt all that bad i was in labour for 5 hours so im glad it was over fast but as soon as you look at that precious bundle it all goes away and it is a different kind of pain
as for being a parent what is the perfect parent? it is a learning curve and trust me if you have your mum or someone close they are about to get a whole lot closer
are you a young mum?

DD may 03, DS oct 06

Hi Claire,
Im due in 4 days and feel exactly the same as you, im petrified about the birth and also about bringing the baby home, my partner is wonderful and reassures me all the time that things will be fine but it is so easy to worry, especially with too much time on my hands. Im a school teacher so had to finish my job at the end of last year because im due on 10th Feb, ive had 9 weeks of holidays to think and panic. Have felt quite depressed and alone at times, I am looking forward to meeting my little bambino (pet name lol) but feel quite pressured as well - the phone calls have started already - any baby yet??? Drives me insane! Good luck and keep us posted.

Blakes mum

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