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Ante Natal Care??? Lock Rss

Hi girls

I am 15 weeks preggers and have just had my 2nd ante natal visit today with a new obgyn as my other obgyn died the night before last of a heart attack...

Anyway i was wondering what care you receive when you go for your visits... i havent even been tested for pregnancy, i went in told them i am x weeks pregnant, when i am due and that is it! My old obgyn who is in wa and delivered my 3 other kids each appt would on the first appt do a pregnancy test, and organise a ultrasound, then each visit would do a urine test to check for proteins and sugars in the urine, check my weight and use a doplar to check the babies heartbeat and check my blood pressure too....

I am a bit concerned that i am not getting proper care at the moment?

Michael 11/08/99,Rebekah 24/04/02,Thomas 15/01/06

My first visit was to my GP where he organised a blood test to confirm pregnancy, test blood group, test iron level etc and a urine test. He also arranged my anti natal care with our local hospital - I am going through the midwife system.
My first hospital visit was pretty intense. I had weight done, blood pressure, another urine test. All my options were discussed about the sort of ante natal care I wanted. They aslo discussed the fact that I was rhesus negative which means I have to have additional injections etc. I then saw the Dr who did more blood pressure and did a scan to confirm how many weeks I was. She also wrote out all furture blood test and scan referrals to me and I booked in for my first Midwife appointment (it is called the KYM system in Tassie.

My first KYM visit was pretty simple, more blood pressure, and listened to the baby's heart beat (this is standard for all future appointments). We have discussions on how I am feeling and if I have any questions.

My cousin who is due in 5 weeks time goes private, she has the same sort of thing but can have as many scans as she wishes.

I am only due one more urine test which is at 34? weeks for glusose and iron levels - I will only have more if these are outside the normal range.

I do not get my weight checked every month but then I have not put on alot of weight since falling pregnant and I beleive the midwife does not think it is an issue.

if you are not happy change your ante natel care provider. You have to be happy or you will be to stressed.

Hope this helps and is not too long winded.

Kylie due 5/12/05
hi. I though i was pregnant due to missed period, I booked an appointment at community health centre to get a pregnancy test done (Not blood test). Before the appointment i brought a home pregnancy test and it was positive. Went to the appointment at CHC, test there was positive. Got an appointment at GP and he said he doesn't deal with pregnancy as he doesn't know enough but he order the usual blood test to check the iron levels, and all the other junk they check for (No pregnancy test though), and referred me to the Antenatal clinic ran through the hospital. They dont usually take patients until they are 10 weeks at least but i was only 7 weeks but with help of my mother she convienced them to see the doctor there. I went to that appointment and he asked me about family history, whether i smoked, asked about the blood tests, and a few other things to fill in the yellow card. He wrote two thing on the bottom of the card which were only intials to some tests and didn't even tell me what they meant. The next appointment, also with a doctor, NT scan (Hope u know what i mean, i cant spell it) was organised which was what one of the things the first doctor wrote on the card. The next aapointment was with a midwife and they started to check blood pressure and feel my stomach/uterus. I was only 15 weeks so it was the second midwife appointment i got to hear baby's heartbeat.

To cut a Long story short, my weight was never checked, urine never checked, even if i was pregnant or not was never checked, my dates whether they were right or not was not checked, ultrasound was only organised at appointment just before it needed to happen, i didnt even get my booking letter until I was 20 odd weeks along. I think i was 28 weeks before i got the booking letter. I was never told about tests i needed until they had to happen, and i never got a proper explaination to why they needed to be done.

Now, How does your appointment sound compared to mine??
But all is good I have a 3 and a half week old little boy, healthy as anything.


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