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Hi there twin mummies,
I'm 24 weeks preg with twins,and have a 17 month old boy - Hamish. I'm getting to be quite excited, but I'm getting sooo big. I'm the same size now as I was at full term with Hamish - Arghhhh! I'm starting to slow down - thus I'm getting bored. Has anyone have any ideas of good books on twins to read????

Hamish''''s Mummy


Congrats on you twins. Its exciting but terrifing all at the same time lol.

I found it really hard to find anything on twins but some girlfriends of mine found one and its great. Its called Twins & Multiple Births by Dr Carol Cooper. I found heaps of info. It tells you everything from conception to Adult twins.

Congrats again and good luck.
I hope this helps.

Thanks a heap, I will check it out.

Hamish''''s Mummy

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