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small amount of blood Lock Rss

hi there all,

any suggestions before i make a big woohaa out of all this.
i am 26weeks today and when i went to the loo midmorning today i noticed a small streak of blood in my wee. i feel ok, but am resting for rest of day as had a few busy days. but i was told at my 18-19 week scan that my placents was 3cm os, could this mean anything. i have had a few cramps today, but i cant remember when my braxton hicks start. is it too early for them to be starting yet??
i will keep an eye on it, and if i notice anything else i will go to hospital, but what i want to know is a little bit of blood ok?
If it is a little bit it should be okay but normally the rule of thumb is if it is brown blood it is old blood and normally okay but if it is red blood or accompained with pain it should be checked out.
I had a lot of bleeding with both my pregs and if you have been running around you may have over done it a bit.

Do you mean you have a low placenta???? this could cause some bleeding, are you feeling the baby move around.
I would say if you have any concerns and any more blood if it is red then just call the hos to make sure. Its better to be safe even if it is nothing.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Not too early for BH! I just had my 3rd bub and with that pregnancy I started getting them at 15wks! I paniced but my OB said that I had no actual cramping or bleeding and did a scan and all was well so he said that it was just BH starting early! I didn't realise they could start so early.

If the bleeding gets heavier or you get cramps make sure you see your doctor or go to the hospital!

Take care and all the best!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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