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Hi, Im 31 weeks preg with my 2 baby & think my baby has engeged into my pelvis.Last sunday i had really bad cramps & baby was going nuts moving about ,then all this week mostly during the night and after getting up in the morning my pelvis & coxic bone feels like its gonna snap & the muscles ache down there heaps more now.Ive also had hardly any rib pain since Sunday& today feel theres more room between my ribs and top of uterus.My understanding is with your 2nd & 3rd pregnancy the baby only engages once labour has started & not before so im not sure whats going on at the moment as i had non of this first pregnancy.Is there anyone else out there have or felt like this???? smile

ME25, DF28, DD 4, DS18 months

hi nique,
im 39+3 days, and for the past 4 or so weeks i have been feeling your pain! except my bubby hasnt engaged yet....which is strange considering how far along i am. he has been head down since 24weeks so i was expecting him to drop early, but no he hasnt, which is a pain (literally!) because i am still experiencing rip pains!
maybe you should see your midwife and see if she can feel his head in your pelvis, if not, heaps of rest and warm baths!

I am 36 weeks pregnant and just yesturday I started experiencing what you are. i thought that I had slept wrong on saturday night but it hasn't gone away. I find it very difficult and painful to walk and shifting my weight either sitting down or laying down is extremely agonising. I have also noticed that I have to now put my shoulders a lot further back to keep my balance when I walk.

I have an appointment with my ob on wednesday so I am going to ask him if it means my bub is locked and loaded and ready to go...... 4 MORE WEEKS AND COUNTING......


Hi there.

I too have had this terrible terrible groin and pelvic pain, and it started at about 34-35 weeks. I found out the reason for this was that bub's head was engaged already. I am only 4 days off my due date now, so dont feel worried about bubs coming early, as this is my second too.
It really is a terrible thing isnt it. Are you having trouble going for the smallest of walks as well? Ive had to stop walking my son to school (which is just about 300 metres up the road from me), and taken to driving him there instead because by the time i get back my whole pelvic and back are aching so much that Ive had to lie down for half an hour to an hour for me to feel relatively normal again. I cant wait for this pregnancy to be all over now!


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