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I'm due in approx 4 weeks and for the past month have been experiencing groin pain and really bad stomach cramps.
I sometimes find it hard to roll over in bed of a night as it hurts soooo much and find it difficult to walk around when doing shopping.
I was wondering if anyone else is/has experienced this and is it normal to be in so much pain
If you're worried soo your doctor. I was in terrible pain with my last pregnancy due to bub sitting so low. I would almost calapse in the shopping centres somedays as my legs would almost give way on me and it would hury terribly.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Tamara,
I am due this week, and from about 35 weeks onwards I had the same bad groin pain as well as stomach cramps. You may find that baby has already engaged itself, and thats why you are experiencing this pain. I asked my midwife about it when I was concerned at about week 36 after the pain hadnt gotten any better, and she told me that if baby is sitting low this may happen. Asked if there was anything to help this pain, and although she told me there wasnt alot to do..she told me resting a heatpack between your legs around the groin area may assist in taking away some of the pain. I hope this helps a little.


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