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I have just found out at almost 8 weeks I have a blighted ovam, which is where a sac has developed but no baby.
I had an u/s and internal u/s done this morning and was informed they couldn't see anything in the sac, not even a yolk, so they are pretty sure the pregnancy has stopped.
Has anyone else been through this?
I have to have an appointment with my GP to discuss my options, I haven't experienced any bleeding or anything.
Do you know what happens next and when can you start trying again?
[Edited on 16/08/2007]
Hi darl,

I know just how you feel, blighted ovums are hard to understand emotionally.

Normally with a blighted ovum, you doctor will either let your body progress naturally as it reacts to the low level hormones and brings your period on. But if after a week or two you haven't experienced anything that would indicate your body taking over doc will usually give you an injection to make your uterus contract if that fails then he will normally send you for a curette (sorry about the spelling?)

As for trying again doc will be able to give a good time frame were it would be safe for your baby to conceive again, and it will depend on if a curette is performed or not as you may be instructed not to try for a month or two longer than you would have. But usually you can try again after one period after this blighted ovum.

Good luck



I am so sorry to hear you having to go through this.....
My first pregnany was diagnosed as a blighted ovum.
I was 8-9 weeks when they found out. What annoyed me the most is that I had no signs.

I was given a week to see if my body would "dispose" (sorry for wording) of it itself. Seeing as that didn't happen and I was nearing Christmas, my GP decided to refer me to a Gynaecologist. He also did an ultrasound just to double check and with no change he decided to book me in to have the D&C.
They tend to worry as you can be prone to an infection which is the last thing you need to go through. I have to admit once it had been confirmed by the Gynaecologist I just wanted to get it over and done with.
I found it hard to deal with as there is no real explanation for it but I was told it is fairly common.
The only good thing really is that having the D&C gives you a clean out - so to speak.

The doctor told us to wait at least one cycle (purely for dating) - we waited a little while longer as it was still so fresh in my mind.
You will honestly never forget it.

Keep your chin up and I hope all goes well for you.
Anything else - let us all know smile

Take Care

1st bub due 15th Jan 2008

I too am sorry to hear about your situation, In january this year i was told i had a blighted ovum as well.
I only had 3 lots of brown spotting, which had stringy bits in it, but it was light spotting, apart from that had crampy pains but no other symptoms

My gp told me to wait to naturally miscarry i waited 4 weeks and nothing happened so i got booked in for a d&c, i believe when you have a d&c because it "cleans you out" it can make you more fertile. Which for me was true. The pregnancy i had took 10 months to conceive(the blighted ovum), and then it took 3 months to conceive this one and i am now 17 weeks pregnant

I was told to wait a least 1 month before ttc again

We are here if you need to talk




Im also sorry to hear what you are going through and yes I have been there also. Mine wasn't discovered until I went for my 13 weeks scan, I didn't get a choice to wait I was booked in for a D&C within the next couple of days. I personally would ask for the D&C as I think the last thing that I would have liked to go through from then on is waiting to see what might happen. I was told I could start trying (If I wanted) straight away so that was good news as I felt at least I could productively try again and it gave me something else to think about but that was purely my choice. I was lucky to find some beautiful girls that were going through the same thing as me on here and we have all been a wonderful support to each other ever since and now are finally sharing the joy of giving birth to healthy babies however it did take alot of time to get where we are now.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you are coping ok. It is a long healing road. My advice when trying again is to please not set any goals as to when you would like to be pregnant by again. I did this and it only caused more disappointment when those dates came and when but there is nothing you can do to stop your head from wanting to be back where you started out some time ago.

Take Care and Hugs.
Thinking of you and hope we have helped in some small way.

so sorry to hear.

i had this last year for my first pregnancy. i did have bright red bleeding and had a scan at 5 weeks then at 8 weeks. i asked for a d&c as i wanted to start again asap. it took me 11 months to conceive and now i am 12.4 weeks preggers and have already had 3 scans and all are ok.
it is something i can never forget and still think of the expected birth date and the what if's.
one thing i hate is when people say oh you had a phantom pregnancy. no i didnt i was pregnant its just that the cells didnt divide so no baby was produced. it really does upset me when they say that. they just dont understand.

i wish you all the best and send so many best wishes. i had to have counselling. dont be afraid if you need to as well.

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