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Which Hospital??? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies i recently just found out i am pregnant and was wondering which hospital to go with its either the Brisbane's womens or Redcliffe can someone please help me decide? Has anyone had good or bad experiences at either?
By the Brisbane womans do you mean the Royal? If so then the RBWH is FANTASTIC! if you can get into the birth centre then even better! i looove working up there, the staff are all soooo nice and sooo lovely! Iv never had any experiance with Redcliff though, although have heard it is a good hospital too!


I wanted Redcliffe just to be closer to my parents but they wouldn't take me. Royal Womens or Mater Mother (where i am now going) have more facilities.

I know Recliffe is pretty old now but that doesn't meant to say its not a good hopsital. I was born there so I do have an attachment smile

Thanks ladies. It just i live closer to Recliffe i thought if its a good hospital why not go there. thanks for the advice!
Maybe go and have a look/tour see if you feel comfortable there? I had DS at Redlands Private & it was lovely. Would love to go back there, but we'll be moving before any more come along.

Personally I avoid the inner city ones as they tend to be very busy. At Redlands there were 5 ladies in there & at least 2 midwives all the time - so plenty of attention & assistance!
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