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Young Mum!!!! Lock Rss

Hi everybody! My name is Vanessa and im 19yrs old. I am expecting my first child on the 1st January.

I am really enjoying being pregnant however i am sick of people staring at me and whispering when i walk past them because i am young. I am 19 but look very young and everywhere i go i get people staring and even had a lady look me up and down.

When i tell people i am pregnant i dont get a congratulations they just smile and say nothing and i have even had how are you doing since your so young!!

Sometimes i dont even want to go out of the house?? Any advice?? Congrats to everyone else i hope all goes well with your pregnancy smile


Firstly, CONGRATS!!!

I wasnt a young young mum, i was 21 when DS was born, but i looked/look 16-17 so i got alot of the looks, talking about me etc, although i was married and my baby was planned... aghh but people dont know anything and assume the worst!

anyway, as your tummy grows bigger people seem to change, they turn nice and all want to touch your belly lol

It will get easier! But anyway, forget everyone else, you have a gorgeous little bubby growing in you and soon enough you will be holding him/her!! what could be better than that!! Best of luck hun!

Hi Vanessa,

Hold your head high! Don't let the stares or whispers affect you, its sooo not worth it.

If someone looks at you weirdly just smile at them.

there is heaps of young mums on here so dont worry, you will find plenty of people to talk to who know exactly how you feel.

Dont let comments and stares get you down and be confident in your ability to be a mum. As long as you have the right intentions and do whats best for bub, you will be a good mum no matter what age you are.
Good luck with your pregnancy smile
Hey smile

I know exactly how you feel, i had my first when i was 18 and i'm having my 2nd now at 23 and people still stare at me all the time. I look about 16 so that doesn't help!! I just try to not look at anyone, cuz honestly most people have a staring problem!! I'm so excited about having another baby but i know what you mean by how people react, and im not actually that young anymore but people judge books by there cover and its been like that for ages and sadly still is. Hang in there and keep positive n don't even give those people a second look!! cuz your having a baby and thats so cool!!!!!


oh yeah im due on 2nd jan btw smile
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I was 20 when i had Olivia and i got stares too! And still do... I have a 1yr old aughter and another one on the way!

My advice is dont even worry about judgements!

They'll always be there no matter who you are....
You could be 19 and pregnant,

35 with 8 kids and more on the way (my friends mum has had 10 kids and hasnt ruled out more! Shes my HERO! She makes motherhood look like a walk in the park! LOL! ,

Or you could be 55 and pregnant,


Its not right, but so long as people have opinions theyres always someone who will judge another person!

Better to ignore it and not let it get to you!

Enjoy your pregnancy!
Hi there! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Once your pregnant (at any age) you become the subject of everybody elses opinions, as it is a different journey for all of us. Don't let them bother you, just think of it like this: When they are 50 they will have to be spending their money on putting their kids through school, while you kick back with a Pina Colada knowing that you can spend your money on you and aren't far off retirement!! I had my first baby at 27, but I would have loved to have had my first at 20. The circumstances were just not right for me though. Besides in our parents generation 18 was quite common. Mid 20's was considered old!

You will be a wonderful mother!!
Hi Vanessa
How are you Firstly and CONGRATS, there is many Young ppl on this site and many Post about young mums so your not alone. I myself am 20 and my second bub is Due in under 20 days and my First i had wen i was 18. and trust me i look bout 12 at times... Ppl look always but if one thing ive learnt is Who cares whats anyone thinks enjoy your life and hold your head high. cause im sure u'll be a great parent. if ya wanna chat feel free

hi Vanessa,
I will be 20 in 2 months, i have 3 kids noah, 2 1/2, Jazmine, 1 and Riley 6 weeks.

I have gone through the same thing you are going through.
I have put up with the filty looks and staring especially now when i take my 3 kids out shopping, it used to offend me but now i have just learnt to be the bigger person, just smile at them,they usually just turn away.

Its mainly the older people that stare me up and down and give me the filty looks and the dont expect you to react, just try smiling and see if it helps

Hi girls.

I'm not a young Mummy but I congratulate you guys. I couldn't imagine me being a young mummy but that was my choice.

I know from seeing my young neice (hi cool with her 3 beautiful children just what hard work it is and though only young she does the most fantastic job raising them. Those kids are loved and are happy.

Your entitled just like everyone else to have children and you know in yourself you love your kids and look after them so don't worry about what other people think.

Just hold your head up high. Maybe they are just jealous.

Keep up the good work.

Mum to twins Luke & ~Rhiarna~ my angel in heaven....and chubba bubba Ryan 5 mths.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Hey...i got pregnant when i was 19, and have just turned 20 and my babies are due in 10 weeks. I know what you mean, people also don't listen to you when your young because they seem to assume that you dont know what you want or what your talking about. And i'm married to a guy older than me and even that doesn't help things. When i go get appointments for ultrasounds etc, she won't book me in when i want them even though i'm worried that something is wrong she just treats me like i'm clueless...
Just don't worry about them, it's them with the problem not you.
I was 16 when I got pregnant and 17 when my beautiful daugher now 6 was born! as long as your are happy with the decision you make who cares what any one else thinks! no matter what age you are everyone is going to have some sort of comment to make and form their own opinions based on everything but the facts.
I was luck to have a great Ob who would tell me at every visit my body was at a perfect age for having kids and because of that I would recover well and would be a great mother to my little baby... I was back in my pre pregnancy clothes with in 2 weeks of having her with NO excercise!
I'm now 33 weeks pregnant with my second and babies dad left me not long after finding out I was pregnant I still get those looks some times especially when I'm out with my daughter and no ring on my finger... even my SIL has comments to make.
Enjoy your pregnancy at the end of the day you're the one that has to push the little kiddie out and raise it not them so why do they get to have a say in when you chose to do so!
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