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Gestational diabetes and glucose intolerance test? Lock Rss


Has anyone had gestational diabetes? I am 31 weeks now, and last week I did a blood test that says that my glucose is a bit higher than normal. So the doctor ordered for a glucose tolerance test for next week, where i have to starve in the morning, get blood sample done, then drink a disgusting sweet drink, and get another blood sample taken. Does anyone know what's the difference between a normal glucose test and a glucose intolerance test? And also, if diagnosed with gestational diabetes, what are the implications for the baby, apart from being bigger in size? Thank you!!

hi there
at this stage i have no knowledge of what effect diabetes has on the baby or mum but the glucose intolerance test sounds similar to what i am having done this week.

i dont have to fast in the morning but i have to drink the glucose, wait one hour and then have a blood test to see what my levels are.
The GP said that if it comes back as abnormal or out of the average range, they send you for what sounds like the one you are having, where you do fast, drink a little bit more glucose than the first test and then have samples drawn.

Good luck, im sorry i cant help but i think thats the only difference between the 2.
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Hi There

My first blood glucose challenge came back positive and i had to also go for the fasting blood glucose tolerance test. My second test result came back as being perfectly normal. My GP explained that the first test often returns "false positives" as it can depend on the individuals diet for the previous 48 etc. The reason they perform the first test is because the second one is much more time consuming and not everyone requires this extent of testing.
I was obviously not diagnosed with Diabetes however my close friend was and she just has to adhere to a diet and have her glucose checked - she had a few extra checks - other than the baby growing large i do not know of any other side effects sorry. Good Luck and hopefully the second test will come back negative and you wont need to worry. smile
HI Ladies. I had Gestational Diabetes. I think you will find that you are not having a glucose intolerance test, but rather a glucose tolerance test. It is a more effective test to measure how well your body tolerates sugar. It is quite common particularly in the later stages of pregnancy, and it effects all different women, size, age, weight, background etc. Once i was diagnosed i was required to test my sugars my using a metre at home, pin prick finger measure. This was proving that my body was not processing sugars well. The hormones in pregnancy cause our insulin levels to be less effective than usual. If your sugars are continually high, your baby also has the higher sugars in their blood. The difference is that they can produce the extra insulin to cope with it. This is fine while inside, but once they are out, and are not getting your HIGH sugar levels, they still produce too much insulin, and of course may experience a dangerous low blood sugars as a result. These babies can be rushed of to intensive care for a while until stablilsed. I was required to inject insulin twice a day for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy to help keep my levels safe. MY lovely son was born with no implications at all. He was a healthy 8pd7, not as large as i feared, and was healthy with normal sugar levels. My sugars were back to normal within 24hours of birth, and at a follow up 6 week check they were normal and i was free from diabetes. Unfortunately it is just another thing for some of us to stress about, but if it does happen it is manageable and your level of care becomes more thorough which is reassuring for both yourself and your bub. GOODLUCK, i hope that you dont experience too many problems. Feel free to message me if you have any extra questions. Donna

mum of shaun

Thank you everyone. Yes, it's a glucose tolerance test (i didn't realised that i put glucose intolerance test on the post.. hehe). Although having gestational diabetes is quite manageable, through diet and all that, i would still rather not have it so i don't have to worry about it too much. I have cravings for sweet things, which is probably why my blood glucose is high. So hopefully the second test would turn out fine and i don't need to monitor my diet as closely. Shall let you guys know what happens after wednesday.

I got my results back today and yes, i have gestational diabetes. The only problem is, i don't see the doctors until next week, and then a dietician the week after, when i will be 34 weeks then. So really, that's not long to go till baby is born. So hopefully, everything will turn out fine. I am restricting my sweet intake at the moment, but there's still fruits that i love and also the every day rice/bread and pasta. So it's pretty difficult to take those out, shall wait and see what the dietician say. Thanks everyone for the information.

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