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CIRCUMCISION yes or no ? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

Well i know that i am having a little boy so now everyone is asking are you goin to or not ? I cant make up my mind, i watch 60 minutes tonight hoping it would tell me what i should do but im still unsure. So what do all you ladies think ?

[Edited on 26/08/2007]

I watched 60 minutes tonight to with the same question on my brain, and even though it may reduce the risk of HIV by 60% well the truth is so do condoms. So I think it is more a cosmetic thing than anything else because if you keep it clean and show your son how to clean it properly then what the difference?

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I watched as well thinking it might give me some good evidence. But I have decided not too, until there is hard evidence I don't think its worthwhile.

Any doctor can say anything really, it doesn't mean its reliable info. So until long term research is carried out, my bubba is keeping his foreskin!

Tahlia 9wks

Well like you ladies i am still not convinced although i did see my friend go through it at the age of 18 as he was having problems that was not nice, and with the washing thing yes we as mothers can teach them to wash it propaly but when a 12 year old boy decides one day mmmm dont think i need to do it tonight how do u make sure he cleans it enough. I am not saying these things to convince you as i am still unsure just chucking them out then to see what you think ?

Alot of the time guys dont clean it properly i rekon, so i say yes for circumsision, DP is also circumsized and if i was to have a baby boy i would get him done also.

I don't much about it, just the basics but I think I will do it even tho DP isn't - I think its a better "choice" to do it then not too for all sorts of reasons.

I personally don't have a boy but have discussed it with dh and we decided that we would get our son done (hopefully we will be blessed with another child!) This is partly for dh's religous belief but more my resoning of then he won;t have to go through the pain of infections and end ep having to have it done at a much later date in which case he will most likely remember it. just thought id put my view accross.

take care
good luck!

my 2 beautiful girls meena and hannah

I always had decided to circumsise any of my children that were boys, but since Olivia was a girl ( and we knew she was going to be a girl) DH and i never really talked about it.

But now that we are preggers again and we really want a boy, i asked him and he doesnt want to.

I am not sure what id choose... Part of me thinks that its a good thing cos of infections etc, but a bigger part of me is saying no. Besides the fact that DH doesnt want to, i probably wouldnt want to.

DH isnt and he's never had any infections etc, so i spose its more up to the Daddys to stress the importance of being clean there and showing how to properly do it.
I looked into this briefly for DS and could find no medical reason in favour, and that circumcision doesn't prevent UTIs. Very little boys (under two at least) don't need to have (actually shouldn't have) their foreskin rolled back for cleaning.

Nikki, 26. Mum to William 1.3.06; Callum 30.10.07

Hi Girls,
I think circumsision is a personal choice between the parents, but after watching 60 minutes last night i have decided against it totally!!!! It wasn't really an option with DP but we thought we would watch and find out more. It was so traumatic!!!! I wouldn't put my expected little man through that pain. If taught at an early age how to clean it properly I am sure will just become routine like brushing teeth!
I am a NO!
my 8 year old son is not done, and has never had a problem to date. I am having a boy and it doesnt even cross my mind. unless there is a reason i dont see the point. As for comestic, yes dad is done, but this generation will see more boys with all bits in place than circumcised.


I am guessing this 60 minutes was an OZ episode? Does anyone have a link so I can see it online?
I don't know much about the subject and have heard it is quite hard to get a doctor to do it here because it is considered cosmetic.

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