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CIRCUMCISION yes or no ? Lock Rss

i would have to agree with the majority here and say, no way!!
I did not get my little boy done and honestly fail to see any good reason why it should be done!
I don't see the point in putting a newborn baby boy through all that unneccesary pain.
And if there happens to be a medical reason that later on down the track forces him to have it done, I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

I have 2 boys and neither of them have been done, we did not see a reason to have it done as these days it is not needed. I watched 60mins the other night and that put me off doing a circumcision even more, there is no way I would put my boys through that when its not needed.

my answer NO. i did some research & couldn't find any hard evidence to suggest that circumcision was the best option.
apparently only 20% of males in the world are circumcised with that number decreasing. socially, it is more important for a male to look like his peers than his daddy, so getting a circumcision 'so he looks like dad' just doesn't cut it as a good enough reason for me to get it done. i also wouldn't get it done 'just in case' there was a problem in the future just as i wouldn't get my baby's tonsils, wisdom teeth or appendix removed to save them the trauma if it needed to be done later on, IYKWIM.

nothing against those who do get it done, just not my thing!

hi all,

firstly i had my son done at 4 weeks this was my story...

i was living in darwin when DS was born and found that no one would circ my boy only one but he waits till he's 6 months and uses a general anesthetic (which i think is more to put you off the op really i think)

we finally decided to fly DS and i down to brisbane (we had relative there) to have it done.

the next hurdle was getting the referal from the GP i nearly thought she wouldn't give it to me!

so we finally got down to brissie and got it done.

DS cried for max of 10 mins after the op and with panadol had very little pain after.

i understand that many feel it's an unnessesary procedure and thats fine by me but i hate that those that be (docs etc) try to make it hard if we do want to have it done!

are we living in a democracy here or what

i strongly feel we should have an easier choice if we want it done it shouldn't be an issue

i mean if we decide not to BF its not frowned on even though general concensus says breast is best!

why is this such an issue back in the 70's you had to fight to stop them circing their sons!

medical opinion seem to change with the fashions these days!!

goodluck all and fight for the right to choose no matter what you choose!

The only reason a little boy or even older boy should be circumcised these days is for medical reasons. If there is no reason other than you think you should do it just because, don't do it. FMG is wiely spoken about and how horrible it is for the girls that have it done. Circumcision is the exact same thing you are mutilating a perfectly good penis. They say it prevents hiv, condoms and other forms of safe sex also prevent hiv. We have a little boy and have decided that if, when he is older, wants to be circumcised (which once he sees a video on how it is done is probably very unlikely) then that is his decision to do so. You wouldnt appreciate having part of you removed without your consent, considering the pain and discomfort, which lasts longer than a week, with circumcision. It is totally barbaric.


I would like to hear from anyone who has circumsised their little one. I am very hesitant, however my partner is definately considering it as he has been circumsised himself etc. I also know a few who have had to undergo the operation as young adults....very painful, so wondering is it best to do it earlier? Arrrghhhhh! its a tough one. SO yeah if anyone is happy to talk about their experience of having gone through the procedure with their little man I would love to hear from you re discomfort, healing, size reduction, etc etc. Ta

mum of shaun

I have 2 boys and they have both been circumcised. It was their fathers decision. I was in tears when my oldest was taken out of my arms and taken into theatre. With the youngest I was more confident it was the right decision. We live in the tropics and as it gets hotter and wetter germs breed so fast. At least I'm certain they will not end up with an infection in their nappy or pants.
Hi all.

I am all for circumcision. Alot of people say it is cruel and why would you do it but if the child gets it done very young they dont remember and i think overall it makes everything alot cleaner and hygenic. Mind you I havent come across anyone who hasnt been circumcised so I cant really comment on the pro's and cons. I got it done to my son and with another boy due in 2 weeks I plan on getting it done to him aswell.
Whilst some may believe the dying comment was being over dramatic... and the way the comment was worded was very emotional, there are risks associated with circumcision.

Yes, babies can, and have, died because of complications arising from circumcision. That figure is unfortunately higher than the numbers that are known to have helped save boys from chronic problems (particularly chronic infections)

In reality, approximately 10% of boys get UIs, and of those only a small percentage will have recurring problems. Circumcision only helps those who have recurring problems. Infection can occur from the act of circumcision, and some less experienced doctors have caused permanent injury to the penis from the procedure.

Lets ignore the pain issue here (which I also feel should be a factor, however it's one everyone is aware of and already accounts for in their decision making) and just consider the basic health issue. Yes, it can save a child from some discomfort and potentially some health issues if they would be one of those small percentage of boys who get chronic infections. However, will it stop HIV infections? A lot less than a condom will, I'll assure you. The best way to stop STDs is to inform your children of the dangers and don't be afraid to answer any questions they may have - no matter how embarrasing it may be. If your 12 year old turned around tomorrow and asked about sex, would you sit them down and tell them, or simply say "It's bad, don't do it"?? Just a warning... if all you do is say it's bad, when they find out it's good, they'll be wondering what else they were lied to about. (i.e. if sex was supposed to be bad, and it's good, what about those drugs that are supposed to be bad?)

Personally, I do believe it's the parents choice either way. If they decide that they would like it done, it's FAR better to get it done early - better recovery time, and babies can actually handle pain much better in the first two weeks anyway. Do I agree with the concept of male circumcision? No more than I believe in female circumcision. If one is banned, why is the other socially acceptable? If you keep male circumcision, then I believe that female circumcision should be treated in the same manner. Why be sexist?

Many people may not realise it, but 60 Minutes is a highly biased programme. Their stories have a very definite slant to them. I wasn't surprised that the circumcision story was very much pro-circumcision (giving a slight amount of air time to the people who disagree with circumcision is not unbiased editing IMO) I also wasn't surprised that the following adoption story was so much anti abortion and pro adoption/keeping the child.

Ive got a 10 month old boy. And yes i did have him circumcised at about 5 weeks of age.It was his fathers decision, and although not a very nice process, (the way they do it and its not surgical anymore) and a little costly ($300 average)i really do find it alot easier.My partner was done at 12, and he can remember the pain, so I was surprised to hear that he wanted to get DS done, but because it was his choice I wasnt going to say no (he wasnt keen on being daddy). I know my story is confusing but I personally have found it easier...but that is my own opinion. If anyone wants to dig at me for it, I dont mind, coz its all just your opinions too, and i can easily ignore it. Hope you make the decision that your heart AND brain agree on.At the end of the day it is YOUR son, not everybody elses.

DS Born 10/2006,Growing Up Too Fast!

Well I once saw a show about circumcision back in the 80s and wow was that cruel, they used to just grab and cut and stitch. One comment I really remember,,,,,just because you dont wash behind your ears should they be removed.....But since becoming a mother of 2 boys (2 and 6weeks) I changed my mind. The procedure is certainly uncomfortable for about 3 minutes and then over. The ring they use falls of and there is no trauma or anything. You wait until bubs is ready for a feed and then they take him away, he comes back a little unhappy then feed him and all is well and forgotten. I am a registered nurse who has spent time in theatre with a urology professor that perfoms dozens circumcisions a week. however the circumcisions are on older children and that is horrible. Due to medical reasons like the skin is stuck and cutting of the circulation, and hygiene which you can not force upon a child who believes he is independant and does not want mum to touch his penis. They are so swollen and uncomfortable let alone the little erections they get make the penis really hurt after surgery. So dont judge others as it is not always cosmetic, some people want to protect there little penis's. Remember we dont have to immunise children but we choose to protect and this is painful and often they get a reaction to the substance........

A proud mother of 2 clean cut boys
Yes, I had my son sone done.
He was asleep when he went down, and asleep when he came back. His daddy did go down with him too.

I find it hard enough getting him to keep his hands washed and clean, let alone his penis.

Yes, I will be getting this baby done also.

The area is numbed with cream, before a local is applied to the area, and also some medicine to make them sleepy.

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