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CIRCUMCISION yes or no ? Lock Rss

i am pregnant with a little girl so this so far has not been an issue with us.

i dont know what i would do ??

DF was circumsised as a child but that was 29 years ago and a lot of statistics and research has changed over that long period of time so doing it because "daddy has it" doesnt really justify it with me.

one part of me thinks, they are born with it so why remove it on the odd chance that years down the track they MAY need to have it removed? Thats sort of like saying that all kids should have their tonsils out while they are tiny babies because they MAY get tonsilitis badly and need them removed later in life.

Then again, ive not been put in that situation yet and if we do have a boy, this will be something that we have to seriously think about. It seems that the majority of boys these days are not being circumsised and as for fitting in with peers, i dont know many guys who undressed in front of each other in school! same as us girls, we never openly showed our bits and pieces??

I dont know. i think it is a parents decision but personally at this point in time, i dont think i would do it.
i watched the 60 minutes thing as well and i really couldnt see myself getting my son chopped. like juggling 2 careers said if you keep it clean then whats the difference.

NO WAY! They only time I would have my son done is if he needed it for medical reasons. It is an unecessary pain for the baby!

its not like we live in the wild where it would get fly its like sheeps getting chopped so they dont get fly blown... fair enough.. but humans! come on!
I have always said that if i was to have a baby boy i would get him circumcised. When i was pregnant my partener and myself discussed it and decided that we will get it done [even though my partener is not done], then when my son was born i couldnt go through with it.
I have other friends that were the same.
One of my friends only just decided to do it now and her boy is 12 months old, he had to be fully sedated. While it was being done the doctors cut through a blood vessel which has made it harder to heal and he now has this bubble of skin on the end of the penis which the doctors says will eventually heal but i'm not too sure about this - also his penis now hangs to the left hand side.
I dont mean to scare you,but i believe the sooner after birth the better.
Personally I think its barbaric!I find it very distressing actually,to think society thinks its okay to have a bit of your baby cut off for cosmetic and"medical"reasons.
I beleive boys if boys are taught good hygiene and at the appropriate age responsible sexual protection this is absolutely unnecisary.It's a decision for them to make when they are at a mature age.
And as far as looking like daddy....please.....

Mumma to M- Growing a Nov babe

i think that you need a better reason than "it looks better"
these days to get it done.

a lot of hospitals will only do it for cultural/religious/medical reasons unless you pay for it to be done privately.

and in my personal opinion, i think circ's look better too but i dont think its reason enough to get it done.

just my opinion
I have twin 6 month boys and it never even occured to me to get them circumsised. To be honest i really didnt think this procedure was still done all that often. But i would never do it.

I think in regards to the 60 minute story, the link between AIDS and circumcision is really aimed towards african nations who are struggling with the problem in epedemic proportions. Not here. In a country where education of STD's and contraceptives are freeley avaliable and used for the most part.

Perhaps if you are circumcising for this reason, and because men apperntly dont take great care of their penis', you should EDUCATE your young men instead, from an early age.

I just think its unnessecary.
If its such a terrible thing to have a fore skin, why is it there?

[Edited on 02/09/2007]
I dont mean to be rude but, is the attractivness your your sons penis that important?

[Edited on 02/09/2007]
i think parents that choose to get their boys circumcised will defend their desicion, but i think if the world or torn between is it right or wrong.. and in australia the majority of doctors say its unnecissary and u still u choose to have it done, going against medical specialists that no more then us mums, your cruel and i could go on and on.. but i think if in doubt.... dont do it... its mutelation of something healthy.. so wrong....
A definite no from me. My husband is and is not happy that his parents did that to him.

I don't believe there is a good enough reason to do it personally, just so it looks nicer.

I would rather let my son decide himself when older.

Even if my husband wanted my son done I would put my foot down and not allow it!

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