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maternity clothes Lock Rss

hi ladies we all know how daggy maternity clothes can be but there are also heaps of trendy ones out there. thought we could use this to post where we found some great items!!
when i was preg with dd i had the best maternity pants they were made by mother me and they were black fisherman pants they dont make them anymore and i wore mine to death so i am keepin an eye out for something similar.
i ordered a pair of pumpkin patch 3/4 maternity jeans of their website the other day as they are having a big sale...
hope to hear from u all soon!!

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls


Talk about daggy maternity clothes! I can't stand the so-called fashion from the local department stores.

There was hardly any halfway decent mat. clothes around 7 years ago. I ended up making myself some simple wrap-around skirts. At least now we have good internet sites.

I too have bought some great pumpkin patch skirts this time. One from the actual site and the rest from ebay. ebay's great to get this sort of stuff and mostly good prices.

hi we are lucky in the sense that flowy hippy skirts and peasant tops are in cause some are sooo stretchy we can get away with normal clothes

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

maternity clothes are so expensive. especially since you only wear them for maybe half your pregnancy. i found that 2 target stores near me in bankstown and bass hill had almost no maternity wear but went to penrith and they had not much more but i bought some stuff there. only bought anything there coz i realised i could wear em after i have the baby. i buy clothes from places like crossroads coz i know i can wear them after the pregnancy. from now on i refuse to buy "maternity clothes", i'm not gonna pay over $100 for a pair of plain black pants, thats ridiculous. rather i just buy stuff that can be worn after i have the baby. coz places like target only cater to the over 30 pregnant woman. im 24, i wanna wear fashionable half decent stuff. since its coming into summer i can wear those flowy skirts that are all the fashion now with the elastic waist bands. i hate hiding my bump coz i just feel fat instead of pregnant so i like to show off my bump.
Living in a smaller town i too found it hard to find any nice maternity clothes at a reasonable price!

The majority of department store maternity clothes were pretty ugly and we only have a 'target country' that doesn't stock maternity wear. The baby shops maternity wear was really quite expensive considering you can only wear the clothes a couple of months.

Recently, I found a really good ebay shop i've bought some clothes from that i feel i can actually be seen in. Its called au_maternitywear. All the stuff i've got was at really good prices and i was a little worried about the sizes but everything fit and i still have heaps of room for my growing belly. And best of all they're all SOOO Comfy!!

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