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When to be concerned Lock Rss

Hi all, I am expecting my second child on 16 March, 2004 and at the moment I am 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I just wondered when other peoples babys went head down the 2nd time around.

My first went head down at about 30 weeks and stayed there. This one is just sitting head up along my right side most of the time and turning aorund, swapping sides and sometimes going head down the rest of the time. My doctor seems certain I will be having another 8 pound baby, so I know its not a small one.

It may seem early to be concerned but I am starting to get worried that the baby wont turn and I really dont want to have a breech birth or a C-section.

My second son was exactly the same. He would turn all the time, swapping sides and every now and then his head would be down. At 36 weeks i was told he was breech but my doctor insisted he would turn and not to worry. I did worry about having a C-section and because he was such a big baby I wondered how he was going to turn. My doctor told me the first one engages early the second one could not engage until labour.

1 week later he had turned and stayed head down and engaged about 39 weeks. 4 days after he was due Harrison was born naturally 9lb 5oz and 58.5cm long.

Hopefully your baby will turn soon - all the best

Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2

Hi Micaela,
My first baby's head was engaged at 31 weeks and he was born at 37 weeks. My 2nd baby's head engaged at 36 weeks and she was born at 38.5 weeks. My 3rd baby's head engaged 1 day before he was born-1 day before his due date. Don't be concerned unless you are overdue with a big baby. Most of the time, they will engage when they are good and ready. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

Mother of 3, Qld

Thanks heaps. You've put my mind at ease. Its easy for things to run away in your head all the time. I guess I'll be patient and hope for it to grow a bit more and get sick of hitting its head on my ribs all the time lol.
hi all, my first babies head was engaged at 31 weeks & born at 40 weeks but the twins were in an upside down L shape the entire pregnancy with one lying horizontal across the top & the other feet first in the birth canal but the feet first baby turned at about 35 weeks & the other turned with painful help after the first was born at 37 weeks.

p.s i think that the feet kicking in the ribs was worse for me, rickson was 8lb 8onc & i had a bruised rib for 6 weeks after he was born mind you he moved twice as much as the twins put together.

hope this helps you a little.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

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