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age gap of bubs Rss

Hi all

I am pregnant with my third bub, currently known as "dash"!
I have 2 beautiful kiddies- Holly and Hayden. The age gap between Holly and Hayden is 14 months, and the age gap between Hayden and "dash" will be 15 months. All of these pregnancies were planned- happily, mutually, definitely agreed up, planned!

So why is it, that soooo many people criticise because I choose to have my kids close together? They think I'm crazy, that I'll have my work cut out for me, that I'll certainly know what living is then, bla, bla, bla!

I feel a little cranky that when people ask me how far apart my kids are, or are going to be that I then have to justify my reasons for wanting them close!

Just curious as to how "close" or "not close"! your kiddlywinks are?!


Hi Kochy,

Who cares what other people think or say. If you want them close in age, thats up to you. If other people want years between them, then thats up to them. No one can be judged on how close your children are. It is very narrow minded. I am the youngest of 8 children and there is only 12 years between me and my oldest brother. We are all very close. I will have 18 months between my first and second and I can't wait. I love the idea having them close together and hope if we have another that bubs is just as close or closer.

I'm only 24 years old and people can't understand why I'm married and have a second bubs on the way. I tell them its my life, I chose to live it this way and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just think people worry way too much about everyone else and that they can't see what their missing out on.
I hope this gives you a bit of piece of mind, as long as your happy, the kids are happy, then thats all that matters


Hi Kochy,
My DS is 15 months old and im due to pop in 4 weeks. When we first found out I was pregnant again I had a mixed responce from people. Half the people said it was good to have them so close. Mainly from the people who had kids close together themselves. There was a fair few people who said we were stupid. And said the same things you said people have said to you. I spoke to a woman who has 3 kids 3 years apart and wished she had them a bit closer.
From Justine.

DS - 28-5-06, DD 22-9-07

hi i dont have any kids yet, pregnant with number one at the moment

just think, your children will all be grown up and independant within a few years of one another while other people will be changing pooey nappies and dealing with moody teenagers until they are ready to retire!

Bah, if you wanted them that close together then who cares what people say?

My daughter and her lil sibling (due April '08) will be only a couple of weeks off 2 years apart - we atarted trying 5 months before I actually got pregnant though - I would have been happy with as little as 18 months apart!

Isabella 27/4/06 & Nicola 9/4/08

Hi kochy, its great that your having your kids so close, everything will be fine and you will cope, If you have one you might as well have more because the longer it takes for more kids the longer your tied down, You kids will always have sm one to play with, that will SHARE and you will never be bored or lonely, i know this because i had 3 under 3, 1st two were 13 mths apart and then 21mths.When they get older, teach them to do dishes!!! lol. Im having my 5th, it couldnt be that hard ,hey!!
Hi Kochy,

My DS James just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and am due to have second baby in less than 3 weeks time so not very close at all. Having said that, if I had gotten my way I would have been pregnant again when DS was about 12 months old, but that's another story.

My sister and I are 17 months apart and my mum didn't seem to have a problem with that, though we aren't particularly close but don't think that's because we were so close in age.

Don't worry about what other people say, you have done what is best for your family and that's all that matters.


Don't worry about it when I told people I was pregnant with Alex and that there would be 8 1/2 years between him and his elder sister and 12 years between him and the eldest, everyone told me I was crazy. What a big gap, why go through it again? I loved being pregnant with Alex and it was so different. Now everyone is saying I am crazy because I am 20 wks pregnant with my 4th, and this will be a 10 1/2 month gap. Yes I maybe crazy to have them this close and admittedly it was not entirely planned at being so close but I am happy that I am pregnant again and the truth as my brother-in-law said "it is my life and my husband is happy and we wanted two close together and everyone else can get over it". Enjoy yourself I say. smile

currently being updated please check back later.

iam in the same boat my son is almost 1 and am due to have no 2 in 6 weeks! I get soooo sick of people telling me Oh!! youll be busy and do you know what causes it?? (of course i do!!)
When my husband, son and i go walking you find people look in the pram then to my tummy then back at pram again! i asked my husband what he thinks there thoughts are and he just tells me "who cares" i would hate to think that people thought badly of me.....I just figure it is a blessing to be pregnant again and am very excited to meet No 2!
thanks for letting me get that off my chest

mum of 2under2

I'm going have 16 mths b/w DD and second bub (planned)....and we are hoping to have 3 under 3. We love the idea of having kids close in age. I had 2 m/c before DD and it took awhile to conceive her, so we aren't going to wait long after #2 before trying again and we would love a big family.

Its amazing that everyone thinks they can share their unsolicited opinions, even when what they say is hurtful or silly. Pregnancy and parenting seem to be two of the few topics when people do this. As a pregnant mum you're either too big or carrying too small, as a new mum you are judged on everything you do...and then once you've had one baby everyone starts asking when you're having the next one...or judging you because your babies are close in age!

If you can, try and ignore those views that upset you....usually people's opinions are more a reflection on their lives than yours.

Hey if anyone has any good comebacks for people making stupid comments about how hard it is having kids close together....please share!! I'd love to have some pearlers ready to go! If i hear any I'll post.
My DD will be around 2 yrs & 9 mths old when our second bub is born. For DP & I, that is a perfect gap, not too close but also not too far apart.
If you want to have your kids close then thats you & your DH choice, each to their own I say smile

I am very excited for you
CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!!!

We are TTC #3 but he/she doesnt want to come yet!!!

Caitlin is 2 1/2 and Emma is turning 1 this week.

Our next baby will have a bigger gap but only due to not concieving as quickly as we would have liked to.

I see nothing wrong with close age gaps or far apart gaps, i think its completely up to the individual families.

Have fun


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