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  5. hey im a newbie anyone like to chat

hey im a newbie anyone like to chat Rss

hi my names chloe 18 yrs old ,19 jan next year was wondering if any one wanted to chat i dnt know many people especially pregnant ladies or ladies with due november 14 and am having a girl.
would love to hear from any one
take care chloe
hey im jess im 19 and im due march 08

hi girls..
im bec 19 years old
and im due on the 26th december - yay for me NOT!
and i already have a 3 year old son with my beautiful partner.
I live in W.A tongue
hope your both enjoying your pregnancies to the max

Hi Girlies
im Rayna 19 years old
this is my first bub and im having a little girl.
EDD 19/09/07....not long to go now
Im from the central coast/newcastle area NSW
Hope everyone is going well
G'day Ladies,

My names clare im 20 years old.. having my 2nd baby.
EDD 10-09-07.
I already have a 21months old beautiful Princess named shakira.
Feel free to chat to me weneva ya like.
goodluck with all your pregnacy's.
Hello smile My name is Chante i have an 18 month old son and am due with another boy dec 07 smile How is everyone doing!!

AKA Chante

Hey. i'm 20 and pregnant for the first time. EDD is 30th October 2007.
How's everyone's pregnancies?
i hope everyones pregnancies are going sweet. Isnt it amazing....just when you think your all alone out there and you get the "your so young looks" there are so many of us out there more than willing to give each other support...

So on behalf of all of us i believe we deserve the pat on the back for being such lovely, kind hearted mums and mummies to be...
Hi everyone,

I am 24 and this is my first baby boy. You guys make me feel so old.. lol. And you know what? From my country, people don't get marry until they are like 28 and above, which means that they don't have babies at least over 30 yrs old. So when my fiance and i find out that we are expecting, my mum has been asking me about abortions all the time. But i have never gave in, i knew that this is the best thing that could happen, and it doesn't matter how old you are, if you feel that you are ready, you will be. And i think anyone will make a good mum if they are willing to put effort in. So, congratulations to all of you 'younger than me' mums to be, enjoy the pregnancy!!

Gday Girllies,
How are we all Going today? well Im due to give birth to my 2nd on Monday as sum off you would already Kno so Excitted! had sex this morning Fingers crossed may start sumthink lol. My pregnacy has had its up's n Downs few complications but at the moment everythink is FIne. i have a doc appointment at 2 today so find out more than! i feel so Uncomfy. and as some other ppl have Mentioned in this Post you feel Alone being a yound Mum i kno i Do becuase i look like im 12 it Suxs, but atleast i will never look too old .Touch wood! But congrats too you all and everyone Be prpud of your sel as Most young ppl dont kno how to stand up and take responsibility instead they Hide and run away! im glad too see im Not alone. Hope we can all stay in touch and keep me updated on all your pregancy and how they Go please!

x x x x
heya.hey when are u due are u over cause dnt u have sex to bring on the pregnancy?how many weeks are u . wat are u having. how was ur app today hope it went ok hope your ok.
Hi hsvgirl,

How are ya? Not sure im your post was for me or not. but arh my app went okay got my Induction Date booked for 20th Sept my EDD is monday the 10th Sept~ so still 2days. Nyeah sex is ment too help but not For me as Yet....

x x x x
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