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what does your belly button look like Lock Rss

Hi there ladies,
How are you all? I have a silly question! what does your belly button look like? I am 26 weeks pregnant with my second child and my belly button is huge I have a iney and the circle that is my iney is huge when i where a shirt it looks like someone has drawn a circle there i can fit my thumb in it ewwwwwww lol. Just wondering when it pops I had dd at 32 weeks and it was never as iney as this hehe,,

sorry about the TMI
best wishes
my belly button never popped out with my first and wasnt THAT big.
but with this one
its not big but its deep?
kinda if you no what i mean lol
so weird
hopefully your belly button will pop out for you soon
so then it doesnt look weird for you

Hi becstar,
LOL you put in to words for me hehe my belly butten is deep and very wide lmao long as my a s s does not get wide along with it I dont mind smile
my belly button now looks like its been run over by a truck lol. Its all red and angry because of the stretching its had tongue its sooo itchy too. I did have a really small bellybutton to begin with though tongue
My belly button is sticking out something bad - you can see it through my clothes. Usually I have an iney belly button, but I have the bad habit of playing with it now and it makes me giggle. My daughter thinks it is hilarious.

DD1 - 09.02.04 DD2 - 19.10.07

i had an inney but since about 24 weeks it has slowly started to come forward and just recently "popped" out.
you can see it through all my tops and i have to admit i think its kinda cute.

at first it was weird but now i find myself playing with it too LOL
My belly button is still an inny at 36 weeks but the top of it sort of sticks out a bit like an eye lid or something but it's not like that all the time. It's wierd. It's still really small too it hasn't stretched at all either. Oh and it's off centre. Which I can't figure out.. not by much but enough for me to notice anyway.

LOL this is all very funny!

hahaha, i usually have an inney aswell but mine has fully popped out! and mine is also off center a bit, i think its becuz i have a muscle tear going all the way down its pushed it aside a little.

My belly button has popped out I'm 38weeks tho..i have had 2 pregnancy's before and my belly button didn't change..I have belly button that is real deep too....Maybe this time it's different coz I'm carrying a girl:)

My baby is georgeous!!

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