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Self induce? Rss

Hi im 37 weeks ish (maybe closer to 39) and had my show last week and have been 2cm dilated since im so uncomfortable and thought someone might have some good ideas on a way to self induce the sooner this is over the better! I have been having some mild contractions but nothing is really doing anything and the baby has moved so far down it feels like there is a basketball there.
any thoughts much appreciated!
what have you tried?...I'm 39 weeks and have tried evening primrose oil castor oil sex walking hot curries and a stretch and sweep an hour ago from my midwife...NOTHING WORKS!!! I'm at the end of my tether as well I'm 3 cm dilated and completely over it!
Let me know if you find the magic answer coz I cant!??

My baby is georgeous!!

Try acupuncture.
The castor oil thing has worked for a few members here too.
Swimming might help too.
Good luck!!
I feel for you.
Sounds like your going to have your baby soon, Keep mobile, walk lots.
Hi thanks ladies i have tried several hot curries which does give me mild contractions but ends there, walking and lots of sex hubby couldnt get over it and keeps saying he hopes baby takes another few weeks lol. I beleive when they did one of the exams last week they did a stretch and sweep also and still nothing so im off to the m/w again today and while im out n about i think ill pick up some castor oil yuck and evening primrose and maybe some raspberyy red leaf tea which ive heard you shouldn't drink until you are over 36 weeks as it brings on labour. So heres hoping that something will do the trick. Gooodluck to you to bullsmum who has tried everything too i hope you find something that works for you.
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