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Is this ok? Lock Rss

Silly question, but I just sneezed and had the most awful pain shoot through my stomach low down, it has gone now, didn't last long. I had a caesar with my DS so could this be why it hurt so much? I can feel bubs moving but feel a bit worried now! Help!
Hi Bubbles...

I would think that it was just muscular.. or a slight pull in the uteris. I had a bout of the sneezes for a few weeks and had the same thing... when i went to the doc, he said that it was just my body pulling a bit this way and a bit that way from my movements.

He did suggest that everytime I sneeze, that I hold my belly from underneath. This will give you and the bub support when you flex your tummy... also to do the same when you cough. Kinda like holding yourself still so to speak! haha

Perhaps just keep an eye out for any bleeding or fluid... if you're really concerned or if you keep having pains, perhaps see your doc to ease your mind. but the pains come and go with your body stretching to allow the little one some room!

Hope that I helped .. even if in a small way to easeyour mind!

Take care darl

Tam Qld. Wilhelm born 29th Aug 05

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