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I'm shocked!!!!! Lock Rss

I just had a scan, I'm 38wks 2days and she's measuring 10lbs13.....OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will they make me try labour or a ceaser????
I am terrified now!
i'm pretty sure they'll go ceasar, tell them you want one
When I saw the OB they told me that you can request one. No one will tell you that you have to go VB.

gosh thats so scary.
dont forget the weighing ultrasounds can be out by about a pound.
im pretty sure they will make you go cesar.
unless your brave enough to attempt a vb
but it might get stuck. so i donno.
ask your midewife or ob.
im sure they will tell you

Hey, let spre a thought for that 17lb baby's mum.... Thank goodness for ceasers I say!!!

10lb I would be wanting a c/s, with that being said, I know someone who has pushed out 10+ pounders... two of them!
Wow and just think you have 2 more weeks left, a friend of mine has given BIRTH to 3 10lb and over babies she had to have a C section with her last as he didnt no which way to come out and he may of never turned as he had so much room in there I asked my Doc about it and he said it was very common when you heard of Mother and baby dying it always to do with the baby not coming down into the birth canal... So gone are these times and babies can be delivered by C section!!!

holy moley!! dont forget your bub could be a lot longer to. That can contribute to big measurements on an ultrasound. They should be discussing inducing you. I suppose you can only try!! But you know you can elect for an c-sec and then your baby be no where near 10 pd!!!
[Edited on 01/10/2007]
well her other measurements are ok, it's her tummy etc... her fingers are already measuring 1cm in width... which is enormous...
I rang the m/W in a panic and she just laughed and said start smoking.... SO NOT FUNNY!!!!
I see her tomorrow so will discuss it wither than... but 1 morte ounce and she'l be measuring 11pounds!!!!
Hi there!!

Please don't get too stressed out. Scans are notoriously incorrect. So many women have been told they have big babies so they have a c/s, only to find they have a 6,7 or 8lb baby. Your baby will be the perfect size for your body! Many people forget that the pelvis shifts and the babys head moulds and your perenium slowly stretches, all so that YOU can birth your baby. It is VERY rare that a woman can not birth her baby in a normal physiological labour. As long as you can get into different positions and avoid being on your back and avoid interventions you will do wondefully!!
Wow - that is a big bubby. Had you any idea she was so big?

A lady I know is due for a C tomorrow - he bub is 8pound approx and she will be 38 weeks. Doctors & OB said best to do a C now as its less risk and stress on bubs.

So they will def do a C and if they don't offer it to you tell them you want it!!!

Good Luck

she's always been on the big side, but suddenly she just packed alot of weight on, so they re-tested me for gestaional diabetes which came back negative.
I hope i don't sound like a wimp but even the sonographer told me I should have a ceaser.....I am terrified of trying to go VB and than needing an emergency one in the end anyway.
I remember when I attended anti natal classes with my first baby and being told, by a midwife, if a Dr suggest a "trial" labour to see if you can do it to say no and have a c-section.
My last baby was 8 pound 5 and his shoulders got stuck, thankfully not too badly but enough to scare everyone. I was advised then if I had any more children I would have to be monitored at the end to check bub is not too big. I am 24 weeks and measuring at over 26. I have been advised to eat low GI meals and have been for 10 weeks but not making much difference getting very big even now. And yet to have bubs real weight gain. Seeing OB at 34 weeks to discuss options but if bub is going to be bigger then 8 pound 5 there is no option but c-section. I know that some people believe that your body can do it no matter what size but why risk yourself and bub when not necessary.

Good Luck

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