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Drug free labour anyone?? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Just wondering for those of you who had a drug free labour, how did you manage to do it? With relaxation and breathing techniques, positive thinking, labour TENS, hot baths/ showers or with other techniques? I would like to try for a drug free labour before going onto any drugs. I am ok with the gas, but i hate needles, so it will be nice if i don't need pethidine/ even worse, the epidural. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!

both mine were drug free for the most part, i did have the gas and a shot of pethadine. they both dont do much the gas is good for biting down on something (i broke the mouth peice with #1) the pethadine i didnt feel work but the midwives said they noticed a difference. and honestly i hate needles but you are in so much pain you dont notice the needle. and you may need one later anyway to help the placenta come out. i think its great that you dont want drugs but please keep an open mind about it i asked for an epi with #2 cause i didnt have one with #1 and i realy wanted one with #2 but i didnt have time by the time the doc got there to prep me for it it was time to push. ive heard great things about epi's. about managing labour breathing is good but its hard not to take shallow breaths, im forever being told to take deep breaths. hot showers are fantastic i wanted to give birth to #1 in the shower but was at a bad angle so couldnt, but it was realy good i was in there so long i think they had to bring in stage 4 water restictions cause i used too much water smile, baths are good too but i didnt have enough room to move and stretch during contractions. sorry for the ramble hope all goes well and as you planned, just remember there is nothing wrong with pain relief.
I had a completly drug free labour and birth with my DS.
It was the best thing I ever done! I found that standing was the best position to be in as it took alot of the pressure off my back. I also was on my hands and knees and rocking back n forth, that helped alot!

I used massage and breathing.

I think this time I will have a bath to help relieve the pain too.

I ended up actually giving birth standing cos I found if I squatted when I pushed it wasnt as painful.

Good luck!

Mummy to 3 little goblins

With #1 I was not opposed to any form of drug, I just didn't want something that would affect my mind as such. So I didn't want peth or gas.

My girlfriend used a TENS and said it was great.

Baths/Showers were the best to relieve the pain, I was in labour at home for 12 hours and it was heaven in the shower.

By the time I got in to the hospital, I had an epidural and it was the best thing I did.
Hey my son was born after a natural labor but that was completely out of my hands....the hospital i was at completely ignored my requests for even a simple hot water bottle let alone anything else which i had full intentions of having (never wanted to do it natural) i couldnt even have a shower because when i got to the hospital i asked for water and they just assumed i was dehydrated (wasnt) and they immediately hooked me up to a drip and after 23 hours of labour i still never got that hot water bottle!

Anyway, because of the situation i was in with the hospital i was really stressed out to the max so i think it made things worse, the only thing i remeber being able to do was to curl up on my side, close my eyes and keep telling myself "its all for bubby" it didnt make the pain go away but it gave them a purpose i guess.

This time im going for a natural only because i know i can do it in the worst of situations so this time should be easier, but im prepping with hypnobirthing c.d's and i try to meditate 2 times a week to help work on my breathing and i intend on having as many showers as i wish this time.


with #1, i had peth and gas, didnt like it made me sick and so out of it that idont actually remember much about the birth or what my daughter looked like for thefirst day.
with #2 right from the start i said i wanted drug free...and i did it!!!! lol i was in labour for 9 hours (1st was 28 hours all up) i had showers, walking around really helped for me. good luck with everything

Firstly, WELL DONE TO ALL MUMMIES WHO HAVE HAD DRUG FREE LABOURS!!! You're all my hero's! LOL! smile

I had a 28 hour labour with my 1st pregnancy, and did have gas - i hated the gas!, 2 shots of pethidine, then finally was forced to have an epidural cos bub got stuck and i was starting to close up from being all swollen inside rather than continue to dialate (sorry if tmi!)

However, the first 15 or so hours of labour i didnt have any drugs or gas whatsoever.
This might sound like its a load of rubbish, but even through breathing out the contractions helped okish, the best natural pain relief i tried was looking at the hospital cot that was sitting next to my bed and imagining my baby in it! I wouldnt say it made the pain disappear completely, but i was and still am absolutely amazed at how much the pain disappeared! It was like the thought of having my baby next to me was so much stronger than the intense contractions that i remember thinking 'oh my gosh the pain is gone!'

Sounds fake i know, and i never believed in power of the mind before it, but i can safely say that for me, that thought of my baby being next to me worked almost as well as the epidural!
Hi all,
Both my labours were drug free. First was not really by choice. I found out whilst in the throws of severe contractions that I could not have a epidural as I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine). So I stuck it out and gave birth completely drug free. Best thing I ever did. My second labour was also drug free, this time I knew I wanted to do. Hell I'd done it before so I knew I could do it again. My advice is to focus completely on yourself zone out and go into your own little world. I know this sounds selfish but after all you are the one going to be doing all the work and suffering thru the pain. Concentrate on breathing and keep picturing the gorgeous little prize you will have at the end of it all, and trust me it will be all worth it.
Krissy xoxo

i lasted about 22 hours, they gave me some gsa at about maybe 15 hours, hated it, made me feel yuk and i ended up throwing it at soemone! DH however had some haha

i only dialated 4cm, so i had to have emerg c section, so after that i was getting everything. bugger it.

i refused pain relief during labour as i have a fear of needles, i tried shower, bath, lying walking, this way that way and they all helped for the first few seconds then nothing, i remember them running this great huge bath for me and dh, and it felt like it took forever for hte water to fill it up, i reckon i was only in there for 5 minutes, and got out, i hated it, it did nothing for me.

i did find the shower to be the best though, dh was behind me with a shower head pouring the water onto my back and rubbing it. it helped the most.
i found i was in and out of the shower. i guess you take it as it comes.

3 Little Ones to Love.....

I aimed for a drug free labour but I just couldn't do it. Ended up having an epidural which was bliss!
I'm planning on a drug free one again, but I might borrow my brother's TENS machine.. see how that goes.
I was and am open to trying the gas but if things get too much for me, I'm happy to go for the epi again..
Good luck with your drug free birth, but remember to keep an open mind about pain relief options..
You need to create an environment that reduces your chance of needing drugs. The best way is to have a homebirth. If that isn't an option and you have to do the hospital route, then have a great support team (partner, mum, doula etc - just whoever you trust and can be relaxed with.) You need your support team to help hold your birth space so that you aren't interrupted with trivial details.
Write yourself a birth plan and research the best way to achieve it!!
Any intervention (including induction, s+s and breaking of waters)dramatically increases your chance of needing other intervention. An example is: one of the risks of induction is it can cause fetal distress. They then want to continuously monitor you which means you are unable to change position. (Position can make a massive difference when you have a contraction.)The cx are harder to deal with, possibly be more intense etc and you may opt for drugs.
Does that make sense???

I had a homebirth. I spent from 4am - 7pm either wandering round doing my normal relaxing at home things and whenever I had a cx I was on my hands and knees on the lounge and rocking. Dh would either press or hold a wheat bag into the small of my back. In this position - it was just like period pain. When I had to go to the toilet, I would walk there and have a cx on the loo - these were really painful compared to the other position. It really demonstrated to me the difference position makes. Around 7 the cx were a lot more intense so I got into a pool we set up in the lounge room. This was bliss and cx were really not bad at all. Like the other poster said - you withdraw into your own world. Its not something you have to force. It happens naturally when you are in your own birth space. It would be a hell of a lot harder when you have a thousand people looking at you and also knowing you are on a time limit. (hospitals usually have set hours you should be in labour for - eg 2 hour pushing limit..not that they will tell you that...)
I had no lights on - just an open fire and lots of candles. Also being in the pool meant I could float into different positions and nobody could interfere with my space. Bubs was born at 9:17pm. I was completely relaxed throughout my labour and birth. At no point did I even consider that I couldn't do it or I need drugs. When I was in my own world I thought "this is nothing like the movies" and "this is nowhere near as painful as what I thought it would be." However I trusted myself and my body completely and just surrendered to it all.
Sounds a bit airy fairy - but attitude plays a huge part.

There are so many factors that come into play. I would do your research, look at all the possible scenarios and work out what you would do for all of them. One of the hardest things is dealing with hospital policies to allow you to do what you need. This is why you can use your support team to do it for you. You can only have people that are essential in the room with you.

To be honest - I truly admire women who have a drug free birth in a hospital. It must take such strength!!

Anyway.....I'm sure I could go on forever - feel free to PM me if theres anything I can help you with or if you want help with resources etc)

Good luck with it all!
I have had some grug free births and i had an epi for one and pethidine for another. I love the gym ball, i take it in the shower and just lightly bounce on it, it makes the contractions so easy to get through (for me, everybody is different) I get right up to 8-9 cm on the ball with the hot water on my belly. i find that had been my saviour.. Even though i always go in asking for an epidural, my babies come to fast to be aable to get one, i just think its a mind over matter thing for me, if i know i can have something I seem to talk myself into going just that little bit more without anything, and when i say, ok go and get me some reliefits all to late, and the baby pops out... I also have hypnobirthing CD which is good for relaxation although you are to use it for 5 weeks before the due date, and my baby came 5 weeks early so it wasn't much use although i did use a what i could out of it.
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