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Are pregnant mummys not allowed to eat soft serve and mcflurrys??

Does that mean Im not allowed to have thickshakes either??

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its only a pre-caution.
i have soft serves. and mcflurrys and thickshakes
i dont have them all the time tho.
i wouldnt even say in have them once a month
theres only a small chance that what you are eating contains the bacteria listeria.
if you feel comfortable eating them then eat them

Yeah, the thickshakes use the same ice-cream so I would presume not to eat them.

I ate satay the other day but my preg friend told me we're not supposed to....first I heard.

So many do's & don'ts...who really knows whats right and wrong!

I lasted til 5mths with my last pregnancy before I caved and then I had mcflurry's on quite a regular basis I'm ashamed to say. If you don't feel guity eating it then go ahead! We spend so much time speculating what we should and shouldn't eat that sometimes it stesses us out more not being able to eat what we want then if we had gone ahead and eaten it anyway smile

hello yes i believe that is true. it's only a pre-caution though. i didn't find out until i was 9 weeks pregnant with DS1 and i ate mcflurry's everynight NO JOKE and he is fine. But what happens is because they don't clean the machines out properly(sorry TMI friend works there) it develops the bacteria can seriously deform your baby. I can't remember what it is called at the moment but it comes from alot of things. like sandwiches that are pre-made and sit for a while, sushi not kept at the right temp etc and many more things. i would go see your doctor before eating them but be very careful. it's only a pre-catuion and strike 1 in so many babies but who knows if that one baby is yours. don't want to seem rude or scare you.

alycebrendon&connor is talking about listeria i think

i had heard the story about soft serves and mcflurries etc but was too stupid to realise that thickshakes are basically the same thing and had at least 4 thickshakes before someone pointed out that i "shouldnt" be drinking them.

i dont buy them when i go to macca's etc but if DH has one, i can never resist having a few sips.

follow your instincts when it comes to what you feel comfortable doing.
Yep unfortunatly as the other ladies have said it is recommended not to eat anything that contains soft serve as it can contain listeria.

I have been craving a maccas thickshake the last couple of days and so far have not given in to it smile

but I did have maybe 1 or 2 when I was preg with my dd's

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You could get a thickshake from somewhere else that uses normal icecream though, or make your own with normal ice cream at home.

I was told when I was pregnant not to have them because the ice cream / soft serve is actually homogonised pig fat ( its true too!It really is made out of pig fat!! Sorry to ruin all the fun) Now that my son is 2.5 I still have them sometimes - I just try not to think about it.
huh? why is satay not safe to eat, i have satay stuff all the time lol

There's a whole list of things we aren't supposed to eat due to listeria and other nasties including:

soft serve icecream
pre packaged salads - this includes the pre made ones at shops and salad bars
pre packaged meats - packs of meat slices that you buy from woolies etc
raw egg products
undercooked meat - including rare, medium rare etc. all your meat has to be well done

and i'm sure there is more but i can't think of them at the moment.

Soft cheeses - eg blue vein cheese etc
Raw seafood
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