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Hi Girls,

Those who have a cat/s while pregnant have they ever had an issue with their cat peeing outside its litter tray and pooing around the house?

My cat poo'd in the hallway the other night and she keeps weeing outside her tray (her tray is clean!).

I'm thinking its possibly an attention seeking game.....

Can anyone help?


Sadly i know what your feeling.
My cat Milton was a strictly inside cat till i fell pregnant, and he kept peeing on the babies clothes i had bought or even the shopping.
after the baby was born he went that step further and was peeing in our food on the benches.
when my son was 6 weeks old i found a new owner for Milton (the vet down the road always loved him, when we took him in for check ups)

You probably don't want to relocate your cat like i did.. and if its not that bad then you shouldn't.
But i will say that Cat droppings, and wee holds a lot of germs that can cause a range of illnesses, and just to watch out that you clean your hands though rally with antibacterial solution.
and maybe give her some extra cuddles.. it might stop her.

good luck

sounds like an attention thing to me and i think all you need to do is show him/her more affection.

my dogs have become more clingy to me since i have been pregnant and the best thing i have found is to give them reassurance. if they have always been the "baby" of the family, they definately have a reaction when you start changing habits or paying less attention to them.

cats are very in tune and very inquisitive animals.

as the other person said, just wash your hands thoroughly when cleaning up after your cat

good luck i hope it stops soon!
DP looks after all the cat stuff so there is no issues with the cleaning/hygiene side of things. She is the baby but we have changed a few things lately, I guess she is reacting to it. She used to sleep on my tummy every night but she isn't allowed anymore so I suppose that is affecting her. Might take more time out to give her pats. I really don't want to hvae to give her away, that would devastate me.

Thanks for the tips.
[Edited on 09/10/2007]

i know that the other person had her own reasons for giving away her cat and im sure it went to a lovely person being a vet and all but please dont give it away without trying everything else first! it breaks my heart to hear that family members are given away as soon as they start to act up or do the wrong thing.

your cat is just trying to cope with the change - do some things differently and ask professional advice if it continues because i guarantee it can be solved!
Oh no, don't get me wrong, it would be an absolute last resort to look at other homing options. She means everything to us and we would only do that after we've seeked advice, help and things still hadn't changed. I'm sure she will adapt, its just a matter of learning and teaching her how to do it!

I have two cats that are still the babies in the family, and as I type, one of them is sitting here with me now. I have a DD and two step sons. When my step sons first started visiting, the cats did not agree with it at all. They peed everywhere except the litter tray. The really amusing thing, and no, DP did not see it this way, was that after the kids went back to their mums, the cats would drag either the kids or my partners clothes into the litter tray and then poop on them. The cats ultimate act of revenge.

Needless to say, my partner was worried about the new baby. But some gems of wisdom from our vet soon sorted things out, and this was done before DD arrived.

We had problems with the cats getting in the cot and on the change table. Partner was not at all impressed. The vet told us that the cats like to be involved, to be able to see what is going on, but to also feel like they are safe from things.

So, we built a shelf in the nursery. This was for the cats alone, we put their blanket up there and in no time, they stopped getting in the cot.

When we bought DD home, they came into the nursery and got on the shelf. It was funny to see two little furry noses peering over at you, watching your every move, but also being out of the way.

Now, the cats come and sit with me during the night time feeds and they are always around with my DD. Mind you, they are still reserved about the step kids and still poop on their clothes.....
[Edited on 09/10/2007]

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