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i'm very confused Lock Rss

okay well i went for a scan last thursday which said that my AF was 31st august so i am now 6w & 4d preg. anyway it also said i was due on the 3oth may. now when u go to the website it says that if i were 6w & 4d preg i would be due the 6th of june. i'm very confsed as they xray place wont help me and my doctor is booked out. does anyone know?

alyce xo

oh i wouldnt worry too much about it its only a week out
and the ultrasounds are usually within 2 weeks either side.
id just go by the ultrasound.. but get them to double check dates at your 12 weeks scan and at your 19/20 weeks scan and that should give you a rough and better estimate of when it is due.

Have you checked the huggies EDD chart? Have a quick look on there.
I'm not sure about going by my cycle dates so i am having a scan in a few weeks to check the dates.
Good luck.

make sure when using the websites you put in the first day of your last period dont put in how far you are. if its still not right wait till your 12 week scan its the most accurate for dating.

I wouldn't worry either although I know a due date would be handy!

I do know this though, ultrasounds performed early in the pregnancy give the most accurate due date. Your 12 week one should give you almost the same date also.

As you head into the second trimester babies will all grow at different rates so it can be difficult to get an exact due date of your baby then.

I wouldn't believe what the web site says either. Is it an American site? I think they calculate pregnancy different to us over here is Australia anyway.

Good luck to you!

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thanks. see it was a dating scan i went for last week so i don't know when my period was. what happen is on the same scan results it has given me two dates one being the 30th and the other being the 6th june going by the week & days part. it's confusing and my doctor didn't pick it up either but yeah it is only out by a week.

Another important thing is you need to find a EDD calculator that allows for more than 28day cycles. Some only have 28 cycles thus calculating earlier date but if your cycles are normally say 35 days apart you need to input this too.

My doctor said ALWAYS go by your first day of your last period, plus length of your cycle. Early scans are very unpredicable.
[Edited on 09/10/2007]

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