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I just found this site!!! Lock Rss

Hi there,

I just discovered that Huggies had this parents exchange so i thought i would have a look. Ive spent most of the night looking at previous posts and find it so interesting reading about other peoples pregnany/birth/kids etc.
The only thing is that im feelimg soooo old now because everybody seems much younger than me on here...(im 35)...eeeek..!!
So anyway im sitting here 28 weeks pregnant with my 5th child, my back is killing me and what better place to complain than here, at least i might get some sympathy..!!
Ok im off for now but i will be back, hope to say hi to some of you soon.


Hi Renee,

My name is Yvette and I have a beautiful 2.5 yr old son called Finlay and bubs number 2 is due early June. Don't worry, there are plenty of the over 30's out there! I only joined this site about a month ago and find it really interesting as well. By the way, I'm 35 as well and although only nearly 23 weeks pregnant, my back is killing me also!

Have fun and all I can suggest is if you want to say something, please do as all the mums love to get any feedback and advice that anyone else can give (at least I do!).
Oh you poor thing, when I was pregnant with my son I had the worst back ache!I used to have to kneel on the floor and lean on the couch just so as I could watch TV, like a big whale or something, it helped tho so thats all that was important, I feel for you and your back, good luck with your birth, even tho you must be an old hand at it by now(used to it)
Hi Renee,

Its a great site, actually Yvette and I have also chatted. I am 36 this year and have two beautiful 6 month old twin boys William and Anthony. I rememebr the back thing - I don't think I slept for the last 2 months of my pregnancy. I have posted topics to this forum and found the advice fabulous. Happy to chat.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi Renee

Welcome to the group !!
I suppose I'm an oldie as well, 33, and i am pregnant with number three. I think you are an amazing person to be having a fifth child. If I didn't suffer so much with my pregnancies I think I would love a big family as well.
I get a very sore back during pregnancies as well and find that gentle chiropractic adjustment does absolute wonders for clicking or crunching !!! I am sure it got me through my last pregnancy.
Anyway, looks like you're the "old wise one" (heehee), so we look forward to hearing from you....when you have time !!
How old are your children ??

All the best

Carmel,Vic, 2 and counting...

Hi everyone
Thanks so much for replying to my post smile all of you...thats so nice. Im going to get on here as often as possible and try to keep in touch. As you would all know sometimes it can be hard to get out and get some normal conversation so its brilliant having this site to come to and pick up bits of advice and maybe try to give some now and then (hopefully).
So as you know i am having my fifth bubs, but im not really panicing (much)..!!! To be honest its not so bad as my kids are fairly spread out, Dylon 15 (hormone central),Bonnie 12 (approaching hormone central), Jye 8(wants to be Dylon), Evan 16mths and then this next is due April 26th. The bigger kids are a great help smile
The one thing i can tell you all is that you think little ones can be hard at times, wait until they are teenagers....ahhh!!
Thanks again and i will talk to you soon, im off to have a look through the site.

Bye for now smile


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