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Your Pregnancy


Excessive saliva Lock

I don't expect any replies, but is it normal for someone to be bringing up excess amounts of...

1 reply

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Still bring up excess amounts of saliva at 17 weeks. The only time it stops is when I'...


Implanon removal effecting hormones Lock

Hi all Just wanting some input on the following and see if anyone has gone through it as well. ...

2 replies

Congratulations to you on getting a positive. I am sure it must have been so exciting for you. I hope things go well. Take super ext...


The Journey of Trying to Have a Baby- Research Study Lock

Have you and your partner been trying to have a baby for over a year now? Deakin University’s Sc...

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Pram warfare: how do you pick the right one? Lock

Hi, What pram does Ev have?

22 replies

This was a really nice blog, I would suggest you to consider working at They nee...

Dyson Twinnies

Xanax during pregnancy Lock

Hi Fellow Friends, I am due in October and my GP has decided that I shouldn't be on Xanax a...

5 replies

Thank you to all that have replied. I decreased my dosage over the pregnancy. I got down to 1/2 a tablet per day. They put so much p...


Gestational Diabetes Lock

Hi I’m 30 weeks pregnant and recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My Hba1c is norm...

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Ultrasound baby's gender Lock

I'm expecting baby no #3 and have had two ultrasounds stating a boy and both times we'v...

9 replies

Nice blog... Thanks for sharing great information with us. if you want to cure your infertility problem and any other kind of sexual...


Dark pregnancy Test (TWINS??) Lock

Hi there! I been pregnant now 7 times (3 being miscarriages, 3 are my beautiful girls and now t...

5 replies

Did you end up having twins? ????x


ultrasounds Lock

how many ultrasounds do you get throughout the pregnancy?

12 replies

Yeah, there are ususally 3 scheduled ultrasound that are a must during pregnancy. But of course is there is a need, the doctors may ...


Babys weight at 28 weeks Lock

Hi all, just curious if any of you have had growth scans at 28 weeks and what they estimated your...

7 replies

Whenever I have any questions about my baby, i turn to Such a great source of information for me!


Baby measuring small Lock

Hi Ladies just wondering if anyone has had there bub measuring 2 weeks behind. We just had a 28 w...

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Where I get best name for baby? Lock

don’t worry and let’s throw this problem and tension to your dustbin. Here is the top Baby Girl N...

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High Risk result for T21 downs Lock

I had my 12wk scan and bloods done a couple of weeks ago. I was shocked when I rang to get my res...

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Normal HCG levels? Lock

I've just had my most recent blood results back and my HCG level was at 54 this was 4 weeks ...

1 reply

Hi! From what I understand, the number itself doesn't really matter so much, just that it's doubling every 48 hours. Good ...


Harmony Test and NT Scan/Blood results Lock

Hi, I am 41 years old and currently 14 and 2 days pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. I was 10 ...

4 replies

Firstly, congratulations on being pregnant at the age of 41. It is a really good news. This is a stressful situation. However, my ad...


Considering an abortion Lock

I recently found out that I'm pregnant with my 3rd child. I already have a 4yr old and a 4 m...

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5 weeks pregnant and lots of cramps! Lock

Hi All, I am just over 5 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing cramps a lot like period pain...

13 replies

Have you tried this?]


Postpartum support underwear - anyone tried it? Lock

My GP suggested that I get some of this, to support what will become all my loose organs sloshing...

7 replies

JulesFlowers wrote: I've had three kids so far and after birth have tried everything from your everyday shorts, swimming costum...


12 Week scan scary results Lock

heya , I'm 26 and 14 weeks pregnant.had my 12 week scan 2 weeks ago and they couldn't d...

5 replies

I was 12 week pregnant then miscarriage happen to us. I contacted for ivf procedure and they guided us in well ma...


Help Lock

I am paranoid/anxious about toxins during preg! Was all right with your bubs if you had it earli...

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Ultrasound showing both kdinesy are swollen - 5,5mm Lock

Hi Moms, I need your guidance and support please please. Am 32 years of age and currently 22 wee...

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Subchorionic Haematoma detected - Very Worry :( Lock

I had my routine 7 weeks u/s and cos im gp was busy i didnt go straight back to her but had a loo...

10 replies

annablue how did everything go?

Marleys Mum

Pregnancy after loss Lock

Good morning My daughter was stillborn in March last year, and I am currently 24 weeks pregnant...

1 reply

So, sorry to hear about your loss! May God bless her soul. Well, I've had my MC last year due to PCOS. So, can relate it! Now, ...


Gestational Diabetes since 16 weeks Lock

So I was diagnosed with this at 16 weeks, I had a 28 week scan and was measuring right on target,...

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leechie peachie

thai green curry, curries and tom yum soup? Lock

These r my cravings atm does anyone know if there r any ingredients in these foods which r not sa...

1 reply

I can not answer the question, but I have a great recipe. Best Tom Yum Soup Recipe


Anyone been prescribed MAXOLON for morning sickness? Lock

Hi ladies, I just today have been to my Dr I have had 24hr morning sickness for the past 2 weeks,...

22 replies

ginger helps, also stay away from drinks and food with strong aroma

17 weeks .. didn't hear heartbeat!! Lock

I went for my clinic appointment today and I'm 17 weeks and 1 day .. everything was going ok unti...

14 replies

It took a while with the doppler to get my babies heart rate and find it. They always found the cord.


7w2d bpm 175 Lock

I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and 2 days and the heartbeat was 175. I have googled normal heartb...

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Help?! Lock

Hi all, Looking for some advise.. I have PCOS and struggle to know when I’m ovulating. The last f...

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20 week scan - stomach on wrong side Lock

Hi, I had my 20 week scan today and found out that my baby girl's stomach is on the wrong side a...

3 replies

Hi Trish Any update on your situation. I’m in the same place now. 12 wk scan showed stomach is in the wrong side. I have to go back...


Anterior Placenta Lock

Hello everyone, I found out at my 12 week scan that I have an anterior placenta. I know this mea...

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Pregnancy pillows - what sort? Lock

Hi I am getting sore sleeping on my side even with pillows propping me infront and behind. I am ...

8 replies

p.s. and almost forgot: Pay attention to the length of the pillow in the center, most often they are about 145 cm, and with growth ...


Dental issues during pregnancy Lock

I have a cavity in one of my wisdom teeth. I went to my dentist in Burlington last week and was a...

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Was given a gender guess at 13+2, what do you think? Lock

Had my scan recently and the sonographer guessed (80%) sure it’s a girl. What do you guys think??...

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How far away do you live from the hospital? Lock

I have just had the thought if this baby comes in peak hr it could very well take us 45 -50 mins ...

12 replies

If you feel necessary, get yourself a wheelchair. Thanks God there are a lot of options available on the market and you get buy it f...


Early Hcg levels Lock

I got my blood work done at 4 weeks and my levels were 1960. After searching charts, this level s...

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Hcg levels Lock

Mine was around the same around the 8 -10 mark so it must be normal...aparantly the range is very...

11 replies

Has anyone had a hcg level of 1960 at week 4? I’m kind of freaking out about this number? According to the charts that’s high.



Hi there, So we are expecting our first in October!! yay!! has been a rough ride so a far. Defo...

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Anyone else staying at home while pregnant with first? Lock

Hi there:) I am expecting my first ( one and only) this October!!! very very exciting though so...

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