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Your Pregnancy


IVF for older women? Lock

Hi. First post here although I used to frequent Mothering and was a paid subscriber under anoth...

10 replies

Well, don't think at your own that way. Still, try getting a consultation. There may be good chances for you. So, yeah! Stay st...


Gestational Diabetes glucose monitoring Lock

Hi, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes a week ago. I'm pretty upset and in shock a b...

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Research - which side does you baby lie Lock

I would like to hear from mums who know the sex of their baby and what sex they lie the most. I ...

12 replies

I believe that in an escort and in such there is nothing flat, yet it is one of the most ancient professions. LOL) Therefore, I advi...

SCH and worries of miscarriage Lock

Hi! I am sorry about your problem. I really know how it feels to have something beautiful so clos...

32 replies

Surrogacy is a beautiful process and has the highest success rate. Choosing the right clinic is very important when it comes to inf...


All day sickness Lock

Im 13weeks and iv still got crazy morning sickness well all day sickness. I never actually vomit ...

67 replies

Hi, hope you are well. these are the earlier pregnancy signs. you'll get well after 3 months. these are normal things dear. you...


Am I pregnant??? Lock

Can you conceive on day 8 of cycle?

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Varicose veins Lock

Hi this is my 4th pregnancy and the first time I have vein problems, my dr told me to get compres...

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I had a hysterectomy a little over a year ago. Lock

I went for a consult with a fertility doctor because I knew we'd need a sperm donor. During...

3 replies

Hi everyone. Hope all are doing good. Thanks for sharing your views and experiences here with us as i wanted to know more about all ...


dasdd Lock


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Does the morning sickness ever end? Losing hope! Lock

Hi there ladies I hope you're all well! I'm new here and wanted to post as I feel des...

6 replies

Hello dear! Hope you are good. I am sorry about your condition. I will appreciate your patience and courage. It is worst for women t...


babies heart on right (wrong) side Lock

I've just had my 20 week scan which has revealed that my babies heart is on the right hand side r...

10 replies

I just had my 18 week scan and same thing. Heart is on the right, but not mirrored. I’m waiting for appointment with specialist. Mar...


Stay Positive. Lock

Hello everyone, I just wanted you all to stay positive. I know infertility is not easy to admit. ...

2 replies

Hey! I am so glad that you stayed so strong. That is the main key, love. Being strong and positive. I am really sorry about your exp...


Birth with heartshaped uterus Lock

Hey guys, So when I fell pregnant we found out I had a heartshaped/bicornuate uterus and the baby...

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Average range for Leukocytes (WBC) / Erythrocytes / Epithelial cells? Lock

I just got the urine test (6w) reslt and am wondering what the microscopy average ranges and what...

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Anyone receiving donor eggs ? Lock

I know there are some out there and I would like to start our own thread. If there are enough p...

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What does my optimal family resemble? Lock

It's anything but difficult to be focused on just beginning. Having sight of your general ...

1 reply

Infertility is a very common problem.IVF and surrogacy is a very best treatment for infertility. I also become a mother through surr...


40+4 & False Labour Lock

Hello everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced extremely painful "false labour"? Last ...

6 replies

I’m currently 40+3 and started getting tightenings 3 days ago! They were slightly painful but moreso uncomfortable.had a stretch and...


Subchronic Hematoma Lock

Hi all I need some advice. I'm 6 weeks and 5 days I originally had really high hcg levels ( ...

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Dealing with infertility. Lock

I am a regular visitor of this forum. It makes me so happy that people are helping each other. Th...

25 replies

IVF fertilization rates increase with good quality sperm, so better sperm will give you better fertilization rates and better embryo...


How Could You Come to Choose Egg Donation? Lock

The main thing that happens when you appear for your first arrangement is that they request to ...

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We began IVF 5 months after the fact after various tests returned that we had Unexplained Infertility Lock

We strove for 2years preceding we saw our GP. We began IVF 5 months after the fact after various ...

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Flu in late pregnancy. Lock

Currently 38+1 and have come down with a bad case of the flu. Fever, aches, runny nose and a coug...

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Large dermoid cyst and required surgery Lock

Hi, I have a large dermoid cysts (~10cm) on my right ovary and have been told by my obs to have ...

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7dpo Dizzy, nausea, headaches Lock

Hi there, I’m just wondering what other’s early symptoms were? I’m 7 dpo, I’ve been noticeably di...

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Am I ok? Lock

Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I was ok I'm 6-7 months pregnant and was 59 ki...

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At a local footy game hubby bought me sausage in bread but as I started eating it I realised the ...

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13 Days brown spotting Lock

Im 13 days of light brown spotting. Cervix closed. Off and on pregnamcy symptoms. Negative pregna...

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Help - did you get the whopping cough vac? Lock

Hello ladies! I am 35 weeks pregnant and wondering if people got the whooping cough vac? I am pa...

19 replies

You must be worried about getting vaccinated. I was anxious while taking any medicines or going for vaccination during my pregnancy ...



A question based on the discussions on the forum. Hoping to get the answers based on real-life ex...

25 replies

Hi There. How are you doing? Hope you are doing fine. We are doing good. I read your post. These things happen. I have read the sa...


Herpes Blood Test? Lock

When I had my bloods done at 5 weeks to confirm my pregnancy the doctor also put down a herpes te...

16 replies

You may be infected with the herpes virus and not have an outbreak. The virus can be activated without an outbreak. When the virus i...


What did you Pack in your hospital bag? Lock

Hi Ladies! What did you pack in your hospital bag? How much clothes do you bring for your baby? D...

10 replies

Mostly I keep my lunch in lunch box bag. Perfect for older kids or adult lunches, the Easy Lunch Boxes really build ... the standard...


Sciatica pain Lock

Hey there , I am 30 weeks pregnant in a few days and have had trouble with bad sciatica coming a...

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edpills Lock

Hello everyone, my husband has a problem with erection, we tried different pills that increase po...

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Stillbirth Fear Taking Over - FTM Lock

Hi Everyone, I am new to posting and am a FTM and feeling quite anxious and unsure. I am 25 years...

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Over 40 and pregnant Lock

Hello. I'm 42 and happily pregnant with bub 2. Are there any other ladies who are over 40 and w...

28 replies

Oh wow. Amazing to hear your story. I wish you have a beautiful and healthy baby. Lots of love. Take care. Stay forever young.


When were your first babies born? Lock

So with my baby being due in a bout a week and a half, naturally I'm getting a bit impatient...

42 replies

Hi! Hope you are doing fine. I have heard that if it is a boy there are chances of birth to be a little late or a little early and ...


Progesterone Question Lock

Hello, Just wondering if anyone was put on progesterone for their whole pregnancy, how they got ...

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Everyone any woman trying to Conceive or you're pregnant, would love some advice in general...

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