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Books by Trimester Lock

For all you mamas-to-be - I hope this is helpful! When I was pregnant back in 2020, I read anythi...

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Awesome blog! Thank you!


Book "Dolphins" Lock

New good fairy tale “Dolphins” for all ages. This fairy tale is about a merry dolphin called Bin ...

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You like the book because you have found the romantic topic like essayhave review reviewed in the coming days. Please never forget t...


Book Recommendations Lock

Hi, Can anyone recommend good books on how to look after your newborn. I am not due til January ...

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Hello! If you are looking for a book to read or some additional information, then


Due date calculation - incorrect results? Lock

Hello i used the tool to calculate my expect...

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However, I want to see the better results after the hard work that my experts did in dissertation editors. The students using the ed...


What info would you like in a breastfeeding book? Lock

Hi everyone I'm currently writing a book on breastfeeding and want to make it 'The Mother of All...

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The efforts of the writer are truly admirable., This this blog always shares some amazing informative and worthy content with us. Pr...

Best Book EVER Lock

What is your all time favourite read? Im talking, can't put it down and will stay up all night r...

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I like the book called "First Children's Encyclopedia"


Relationships online Lock

Through the years I’ve used dozens of dating websites of various kinds. In my reviews and blog po...

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Pregnancy Journal Lock

Can anyone recommend a good Pregnancy Journal?

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Take the Pregnancy Journal down on serious node. if these go on this effect on essayhave that you won't make it worth. Maintai...


Good pregnancy books? Lock

Hi everyone Here I am, expecting #1 and very excited, plus overwhelmed, plus disbelieving plus ...

20 replies

I LOVE the 'What to Expect book' and I'm going to order the 'made with love' pregnancy journal https://www....


Best Sleeping Pillow During Pregnancy Lock

Hi. I am looking to purchase a 'sleeping pillow' so that I can get myself comfortable ...

1 reply

Actually, it's hard to recommend you a proper sleeping pillow for you. Just go to stores and pick up one that you like most.


What are your children's favourite books right now? Lock

Share your recommendations or let us know what you are reading to your little one.

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I am reading Totto-chan: The girl at the window. The book was published originally as ?????????? (Madogiwa no Totto-chan) in 1981, a...


Have you used or would you use a pregnancy planner or journal? Lock

I haven't seen a whole lot of options in NZ but on Amazon I found proper pregnancy planners ...

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I would love to have a pregnancy journal, with check lists and things to get prepared for when you are at certain weeks - especially...


FREE REPORT on Natural Pregnancy and Birth Preparation Lock

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a FREE REPORT on Natural Pregnancy and Birth Preparation that I h...

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Looking for new pregnancy books to read Lock

Hi, I am looking for best pregnancy book. Looking for extra knowledge where i can read more about...

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Sorry, just saw how old this thread is! New to the group and still figuring it out!


Onrex (Ondansetron) for Morning Sickness Lock

Has anyone taken onrex ondansetron for morning sickness. My midwife has just prescribed it for m...

3 replies

Hi Hannahmary13, I had severe morning sickness from around 8 weeks in. It hit me out of nowhere. I started out taking vitamin B6 on...


Fetal Doppler for sale Lock

For Sale - Fetal Doppler Purchased for use during my pregnancies. Excellent condition, full work...

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Little Egg

Anyone read a Hypnobirthing book? Lock

I am thinking that I would like to attend a Hypnobirthing course, but I'm worried about the ...

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bump Anyone else had experience with hypnobirthing? I heard back from the lady and the cost for 2 evenings is $250 which is a lot,...



Hey ladies!! My name is Toni. I am currently in the process of completing my baby planner certi...

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Shop Books and Movies Online Lock

Browse Products by Categories, Search Your Desired Product and Shop On line. Products will be del...

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looking for book to explain pregnancy to a toddler Lock

Can anyone recommend a good book that will explain what’s happening with mummy and about being a ...

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Apps/Programs/Diarys for Periods and Ovulation and cycle in general? Lock

Do you use an app or program to track your cycle? If so, what do you use? I currently use PD Pro ...

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wanted baby book for second pregnancy. Lock

Hi everyone I am pregnant with baby number 2 and I enjoyed reading pregnancy related books when I...

1 reply

Hi Samma my name is Claire and I am an author here in the UK. I think you would find my book Easy Labour Your Guide to Making Labour...

Aleta C

ebook on how to work out with your kids Lock

Looking to lose weight but too busy minding the kids? Here is a way you can work out while mindi...

1 reply

If I’m not mistaken this eBook was once in top Amazon books. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to share this also to my friends. I know t...


The Business of Being Born - You Tube link Lock

Hey ladies, I heard this documentary was good and found the entire movie on youtube if anyone e...

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Newborn Photography Lock

Hi all! I am looking to expand my photography portfolio for newborns (I currently photograph wed...

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Books on labour Lock

Hi all, Pregnant with my second child, currently 19 weeks along. My first labour was fairly stra...

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I've just had a look on MightyApe and there are two "Birth Skills" books by both authors, is one recommended more tha...

Cwat 1986

Hi i live in Raby wondering, if a mothers group is local? Lock

Hi im new to this. I have a little 10 month old baby girl who i adore very much. Only new to this...

3 replies

Hi, I've only just joined. I live in the Raby area and was wondering if there are any mother's groups around. I'm a mum to a almost ...


A great pregnancy book Lock

Before I had my first child, I read every book under the sun about parenting. Now pregnant with m...

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hmmm maybe i should get it for my hubby dear. thanks for sharing


child proofing / baby proofing best book ever! Lock

Hey guys, was listening to ABC radio with Liz Ellis the other day and heard about this ace book o...

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ticker test Lock

fingers crossed xxxx

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arrrggghhhh not working thank you unique1


edit your profile to change forum signatures Lock

Where has the edit profile gone!! I can't change my ticker as I can't find the edit profile butto...

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thank you I just worked it out; jezz this baby brain had already started!!


Doula Perth Lock

Hi, I'm Sam a Doula A Doula is essentially a professional childbirth assistant. However, many d...

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Plus size Maternity Lock

Is there anywhere that has plus size maternity closes? I can fit a 18 now but once i pop out i co...

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Soul mumma

Labour and birth booklet/guide Lock

Hello mummas (and papas!), During my antenatal classes at Frankston Hospital I recieved an amazin...

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I've noticed the things they put in your bounty bag differ all the time. I travelled each time I was pregnant, and had gotten a few ...


Preemie Development book Lock

I've come across a few more books about preemies but most are individual parent's stories. I fin...

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Angelsounds Fetal Doppler for sale Lock


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Aleta C

FREE sample chapter of weight loss Ebook Lock

FREE sample chapter of weight loss Ebook Great Ebook about being able to work out while minding k...

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Looking for contributors Lock

Hello i have started a facebook page soon to be blog then magizine if all goes to plan !!! it's...

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Hello i have started a facebook page soon to be blog then magizine if all goes to plan !!! it's devoted to maternity/mum's/childr...

Bride Stripped Bare Lock

Oooh sounds good Nae. Who is it by? I've heard of it before - can't think who it was around me t...

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It is great. May it come on