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Book "Dolphins"

New good fairy tale “Dolphins” for all ages. This fairy tale is about a merry dolphin called Bin ...

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Best Book EVER

What is your all time favourite read? Im talking, can't put it down and will stay up all night r...

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The Eternal Ones


Good pregnancy books?

Hi everyone Here I am, expecting #1 and very excited, plus overwhelmed, plus disbelieving plus ...

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This e-book was the best for me. It's short and it's funny. It shouldn't be the only one you read, but it sure should...


FREE REPORT on Natural Pregnancy and Birth Preparation

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a FREE REPORT on Natural Pregnancy and Birth Preparation that I h...

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Looking for new pregnancy books to read

Hi, I am looking for best pregnancy book. Looking for extra knowledge where i can read more about...

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Sorry, just saw how old this thread is! New to the group and still figuring it out!


Onrex (Ondansetron) for Morning Sickness

Has anyone taken onrex ondansetron for morning sickness. My midwife has just prescribed it for m...

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Hi Hannahmary13, I had severe morning sickness from around 8 weeks in. It hit me out of nowhere. I started out taking vitamin B6 on...


Fetal Doppler for sale

For Sale - Fetal Doppler Purchased for use during my pregnancies. Excellent condition, full work...

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Little Egg

Anyone read a Hypnobirthing book?

I am thinking that I would like to attend a Hypnobirthing course, but I'm worried about the ...

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bump Anyone else had experience with hypnobirthing? I heard back from the lady and the cost for 2 evenings is $250 which is a lot,...



Hey ladies!! My name is Toni. I am currently in the process of completing my baby planner certi...

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Hello Ladies!! Would anyone be able to recommend what type of paint and where i can get the best ...

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you can also buy rose scented paint so that if your pregnant the fumes wont harm you or your baby


Shop Books and Movies Online

Browse Products by Categories, Search Your Desired Product and Shop On line. Products will be del...

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looking for book to explain pregnancy to a toddler

Can anyone recommend a good book that will explain what’s happening with mummy and about being a ...

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Apps/Programs/Diarys for Periods and Ovulation and cycle in general?

Do you use an app or program to track your cycle? If so, what do you use? I currently use PD Pro ...

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wanted baby book for second pregnancy.

Hi everyone I am pregnant with baby number 2 and I enjoyed reading pregnancy related books when I...

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Hi Samma my name is Claire and I am an author here in the UK. I think you would find my book Easy Labour Your Guide to Making Labour...

Aleta C

ebook on how to work out with your kids

Looking to lose weight but too busy minding the kids? Here is a way you can work out while mindi...

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If I’m not mistaken this eBook was once in top Amazon books. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to share this also to my friends. I know t...