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need a car seat Lock Rss

i was wondering where any one can suggest, where i can get a car seat from which i can use from birth to about 2. i have seen them around but i cant find them now, thanxs.
I think you will find most car seats are now available from newborn to about 18 months.
You should just be able to get one from a baby store. We got ours from Babies Galore, its a Safe 'n' Sound one

Tracey, Joshua 08/01/06

We bought a BabyLove Ultimate which is suitable for newborns through to 18 months, incorporates newborn inserts with harness pad a sun hood and surround side impact protection. We bought it from Baby Co for around the $340 mark. Just be warned it is a very lovely seat but does not fit in small cars!!! It is quite a big seat and just fits in our VY commodore - we tried it in our parents Nissan Pulsar but it was wayyyy to big and impossible for the people in the front to drive.

if you find it hard to get a car seat straight away i know that you can get a capsle from the Australian Ambulance Service to hire for about $60 for 6 months... this is what i am going to do until i find the right car seat for me and my car... just go to your local ambulance centre or ring them. i am sure you will find some thing soon.

good luck smile

Sunshine Coast, 9 & 8y.o boys, girl 12days old

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