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I am 11 weeks pregnant- very happy, I am a size 22- need to go onto biggest loser after bubs is born, I have enough trouble finding nice clothes in big sizes, let alone jammies or maternity clothes. I live in the middle of nowhere, it's 80km to the nearest woolies and there is a lovely
Target (Taar-jee- heeh sounds fancy now!) there but they don't have maternity and I have looked on every possible website for maternity clothes and apparently fat women don't get pregnant and want to feel pretty!

PLEASE HELP ME!! Does anyone know of a good maternity shop for big women, online or somewhere in the North West Country Area of NSW? I want to be organised as I can before the baby comes so I don't have to do so much travelling... I hate being in the car!!

Also, big girls jammies!! Please help, Ih ave had the same 2 pairs for 3 years and they are getting really raggy.... any sort except nanna nighties and silky stuff... I like my cotton boxers and singlets all year round! but any bloody thing will do!

Anyways, I really hope someone can help, I am not showing yet but I cant suck my tummy in as far as I used to be able to, which to me is a sign that the bubby wants to pop out soon!!!

Thanks everyone, hope you had a great day!
Try Ebay, they have heaps of Maternity Clothes,all sizes,most of the time you can get a real bargin.
You are bound to find something you like on there.
Good Luck

JK (just kids) online is a NZ based company that has great maternity stuff. Not sure of what sizes they do, but they are good. Pumpkin Patch also has great clothes and sells online. Their things are expensive, but are FANTASTIC quality (just wore some things for the 3rd time with my last pregnancy).

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

I also found ebay to be great - here are some ebay stores which have your size in maternity clothes:

I'm sure there are more - I've come across heaps before that even say they will make stuff for you.

Hope this helps and good luck! smile

1st time Mum to Emily 7/2/06

I was a 20 when I fell pregnant and found it sooooooo difficult to get maternity clothes, in the end I got a Belly Belt so I could keep wearing my own pants and then just bought bigger sized tops.
I would be happy to send you my belly belt, or what parts of it I can find if you want to email me at other than that Target have them. I also have a few maternity tops you are welcome to have if you want, just email me.

In re: to the PJ's K-mart have a pretty good range of big girl pj's. They have a online site you could have a look at, other than that just call them, I am sure they would be happy to send you the mail order catilogs.


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

They've got nice maternity clothes in pumkin patch, The whole time i was pregnant i didn't even know. LOL. they are also online if you don't have a store nearby.

jade,wa, 51/2mth baby kalani

I had heaps of trouble finding nice maternity clothes. I also got most of mine at pumpkin patch and Taar-jee (my dad calls Target that too). You could try I know they have belly belts online although I have had mixed feed back on them I did not use one myself I found under the bulge trousers and Taar-jee maternity trackies the best. I do know a lot of people that have got all there maternity clothes off e-bay even my doctor.

Also if you are thinking of breastfeeding try looking up and although I would not look at buying any breast feeding clothes until you decide if breast feeding id right for you. Good luck and happy hunting

Kel, Tas, mother to Ryan 5 mnths

If you can, I suggest you go to Big W or even try
K-Mart. Otherwise, contact Barefoot Maternity Wear online and perhaps they might be able to custom make for you.

enjoy your pregnancy!

Mary Annalee & Daniella Jane are so cute!

lol I see you and raise you a few sizes I am a 26 normally and I am only 11weeks pregnant (on Monday) and so feel your frustration it seems only skinny woman are pregnant.

I have a thyroid condition and an insulin problem that went un treated for a long time and was the cause of most of my weight gain.....I had been trying for a baby for 4 years but because of my medical conditions It just wasn't happening I started treatment the end of last year for all my problems and what do you know I fell pregnate.....

Now it seems my biggest problem apart from clothing normally is clothing while pregnant.

As your only a 22 I can suggest a store called 1626 that carry sizes 16 to 26 you may be able to find some comfortable clothes there. I have also found them fashionable, being only 25 years old I found that most large clothing available was so hideous but 1626 is lovely I actually cried when I found the store (got some strange looks that day).

If your anything like me stores like Bigw, target and kmart can be hit and miss with sizes sometimes they fit sometimes it seems they shrunk them.

Another online store I found was

its a site called Annalise fashion some very pretty stuff. Hope this helps you some.

Penny Cassie - Maddison Abigail born 15th Oct 2006

some of the materinty clothes out there, are just plain yuck or way too expensive. doesn't help that you are in the middle of no where.

ebay is very helpful.
so is the belly belt
also try a belly wrap, it's like a boob tube. that has been a god send

as for bra's, the australian breastfeeding association has an association with mothersdirect.
they have maternity bras up to size i (i think, possible j). if you can't get to a store or no where near a store, you can shop online.
thank god for the internet that is all i can say.

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