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  5. Can anybody recommend weekend antenatal classes or other?

Can anybody recommend weekend antenatal classes or other? Lock Rss


Just wondering if anyone can help. My partner and I do shiftwork and we are not able to make weeknight classes. Weekend classes are quite expensive ranging from $200-$350 for two weekends for a couple. Can anyone recommend cheaper class in sydney or an alternative to going to antenatal classes, videos etc.


Ana, NSW expecting..alot


I've booked into classes at Nepean private hospital and the cost is $175 for two saturdays. I'm also having the baby there, not sure if thats makes a difference if you can attend their classes or not.

Son, Alexander 2, Baby 2 due 6th July


We registered with the hospital where we had our baby her in Cleveland, Qld. Maybe you could ring around a few hospitals in your area and see if they run classes. Ours was run on a weekend, Sat and Sun. mornings and because we were with MBF it was totally covered.

Well worth it. Alternatively, you could try the local health clinics and check with your GP or ob/gyn as they may know who does run them or where to get videos, etc.

Good luck.

I know the time is probably well past now, but we did private classes in our home, the business is called Blissful Beginnings, and she came to us, brought videos etc, and everything we needed. It was great for us as my husband too works shiftwork. Their number is 0418292169. Hope that helps someone else maybe.
$200-$350? why so expensive? i got a brochure from bankstown hospital, where i'm having my antenatal appointments and they have three different classes. every friday morning which are free, informal classes, then there are classes held at night which run for eight weeks and are $50 and a condensed class of the weekly classes that are held on the weekend which are also $50. and i thought that was expensive.....
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