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Good pregnancy books? Lock Rss

Hi everyone smile

Here I am, expecting #1 and very excited, plus overwhelmed, plus disbelieving plus impatient! haha

But am looking at some books at the library that I'd like to read and wondering if anyone has read them and rates them, or if there are any others that I should look at as well/instead of these?

*Up the Duff - Kaz Cooke
*What to expect when you're expecting

The only reason I"m looking at these is because I've heard of the titles - but nothing about what they're like! smile So any comments/recommendations would be welcome!

Am also reading a whole lot of fiction that feature pregnancy too smile Does anyone have any recommendations for nice fluffy girly reads in this genre? So far I've read
*Babyville - Jane Green
*The Family Way - someone Parsons
*Barefoot - Michelle Holman (but you have to read Bonkers first!)
I highly recommend "Up the duff"! Gives you the answers to your week by week as well as a vit of comic relief. I liked that it was real, talk about all the quirks and embarrasing moments of pregnancy that none of the others do!
Congrats on your pregnancy! Happy reading!

I had "What to Expect when Expecting". It was my bible! LOL I'd read it and then read it again! Each week it'd tell you what you might be feeling, what bubs is up to, how big it might be etc. It had so much info.
My go to book for pregnancy is "The users guide to the New Zealand Pregnancy" by Nicola Miller-Clendon. She also wrote "The users guide to the New Zealand baby" and "Life after Baby Loss". At the time of writing the book she was a midwife in Auckland.

Have read a few pregnancy books over the years but I like that this is written just for us kiwis.

I am reading "up the duff" at the moment and loving it!! Definitely worth getting!

I have Up the Duff and What to expect when you're expecting... reading them both every week smile
Thanks everyone for the feedback! I think I need to find a copy of "Up the Duff" - but probably no use going to the library as I won't be able to keep it the full 40 weeks! smile So I'd best find a bookstore soon...
I had both books, both useful in different ways

As an aside I also bought Kidwrangling (also by Kaz Cooke) and it's been a well used book!

I didn't like 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' but loved 'Up The Duff'

My hubby also loved 'Being Dad'

Highly recommend both books smile
I was planning on reading the first couple of pages of "Up The Duff" a few weeks ago, but then i couldnt put it down and my daughter is almost 20 months old! LOL I loved every page. I even bought the next one "Kidwrangling" fantastic!
Such a awesome topic, i didnt like 'what to expect' i found it too clincal and depressing in some parts! it wasnt a great introduction to my new pregnancy! Up the Duff is excellent and for hubbys/partners 'so your going to be a dad' is great, my hubby isnt much of a reader but he likes to listen when i do so i read it with him and i found it quite good too! its so easy to find negative stuff about pregnancy out there, forums like this are great x

I think it's worth buying both books that you have borrowed from the library - check out the RRP in the shops (Aldi had "What to Rxpect" quite recently), and then stalk Ebay for secondhand copies - it might take you a few weeks, but eventually they come up quite cheaply on Ebay! I liked having "What to Expect" as you can look signs/symptoms up and find out that it's all completely normal... otherwise, if you google things too much,m you can end up scaring yourself silly! And Kaz Cooke gets a lot of good info in together with loads of humour.

Fot later on in the pregnancy, I would suggest borrowing the following from your library:
"Birth Stories" edited by David Vernon (GOOD birth stories, to counter all the horror stories people seem to be compelled to tell you about their various pregnancies);
"Birth Skills" by juju sundin (active birth techniques... some women i know love this book... I'm a bit over the reading on this topic myself).

My favourite book at the moment (6 weeks to due date!) is "Hypnobirthing - the Mongan Method" which is about working with your body during labour and giving you the skills and confidence to relax and go with the flow when needed. Worth a shot, I'd say!
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